Glapiński about secret chests in the NBP treasury. He showed what was found in them

Glapiński about secret chests in the NBP treasury.  He showed what was found in them

The vault of the National Bank of Poland hides secrets. Today, President Adam Glapiński showed not only part of Poland’s gold reserves, but also the contents of three chests, which had been secret until now.

The President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, surprised us greatly today during a conference on the current economic situation in Poland. At the very beginning, he showed a film in which he showed and talked about Polish gold reserves. But that’s not the end of the surprises. The end of the conference was also very interesting.

Secret chests in the NBP treasury

President Adam Glapiński declassified and showed the public the contents of three chests that had been gathering dust in the vault of the Polish central bank. He also told the fascinating story of the contents of these packages.

– One of the statutory tasks of the NBP is to document the history of Polish money. I have made the decision to publicly disclose from our numismatic collection, which we have in our vaults, the contents of secret chests, special banknotes that have never entered circulation – said Adam Glapiński.

– Three wooden military chests, marked as secret and of special importance. they had been stored in vaults for decades, covered in dust. After opening them, it turned out that they contained sets of plates for the production of banknotes. These were materials for the production of denominations from 1 to 2,000 zlotys. The decision to establish them was made by the National Defense Committee, a specific body composed of representatives of the Communist Party and the government, responsible for defense matters in the times of the Polish People’s Republic – he told.

Poland was to occupy Denmark and part of Germany

Interestingly, President Adam Glapiński pointed out that the exact purpose of these banknotes is still unknown, but it is expected that they were to be used as a means of payment in the areas that were to be occupied by the Polish army as part of the Warsaw Pact activities.

– These banknotes are very interesting, although of very low quality. They were intended in the event of an armed conflict between the Soviet Union and NATO countries. They are sometimes called war notes. To this day, it is difficult to determine what their purpose was. Everything indicates that they were to be used in the areas occupied by the Polish People’s Army, i.e. in Denmark and the northern part of Germany. The Polish army was to take over these areas and occupy them – said Adam Glapiński.

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