Interruption in the operation of e-PIT. Last year, 20 million Poles settled their taxes electronically

Relief for the Internet.  Who is entitled to it and how to settle it?

Your e-PIT system will be unavailable for the next two weeks. We will be able to settle accounts for last year after February 15 and we will have time to do so until the end of April.

This year, it will be possible to settle income tax for last year using the Your e-PIT website only after February 15. During the first two weeks of February, maintenance work will be carried out on the website, related, as explained by the Ministry of Finance, to the preparation of tax returns for 2023.

“Other services on the e-Tax Office website will be available during maintenance work,” the ministry assures.

What is your e-PIT?

Your e-PIT is part of a larger system, which is the e-Tax Office. It allows you to “deal with many matters online – without leaving your home, on any device, 24/7,” we read on the website. In addition to the Your e-PIT service, you can check the list of fines, the tax micro-account number for paying PIT, CIT and VAT, and generate and send JPK.

In 2024, the deadline for submitting declarations: PIT-28, PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-37, PIT-38, PIT-39) is April 30, while employers have until the end of January to issue a PIT to the Tax Office. They must send the settlements to employees by the end of February, with the date of postmark on the day of posting being decisive. Physical settlement may therefore arrive later.

Poles really like electronic settlements, in which the data is already entered and all you need to do is check their correctness and click confirmation of submission. 1.9 million taxpayers settled their accounts for 2022 via the Your e-PIT electronic platform, and nearly PLN 8 million via e-Deklaracje. Only approximately 1.3 million PITs were submitted in paper form.

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