Biden's test results have been published. A new treatment was introduced

Biden's test results have been published.  A new treatment was introduced

Joe Biden announced on February 28 that he would undergo routine tests at a military hospital in suburban Maryland. Their results were revealed on the same day.

As reported by “The Independent”, the 46th president of the United States spent a few hours in a military medical facility. After conducting tests, doctors decided to use a new treatment in connection with a certain “mild” (as it was assessed) condition that Biden has been suffering from since 2006.

The president weighs nearly 81 kg and is almost 183 cm tall, so his BMI (body mass index) is 24.1. His visit to the hospital was not unusual – Biden visits doctors once a year. Although presidents do not have to inform the public about their health, they have done so for many years and it is part of American political culture. The health report, signed by a personal doctor, was also previously published by, among others, 45th president of the USA – Donald Trump.

Sleep apnea – new treatment introduced

On Wednesday, during an event devoted to the Biden administration's efforts to fight crime, the president made a joking comment about his visit to the hospital. During a conversation with doctors, they allegedly said that he “looked too young” for his age. Of course, mentioning these words was to show that he was in great shape. It is worth recalling that Biden is 81 years old (he will celebrate his 82nd birthday in November).

The test results will not differ from the previous ones in any respect – “everything is fine” with his health condition – experts assessed, the president said. After a few hours, the test results were officially published and confirmed the words of the head of state. Dr. Kevin O'Connor noted that he has not had any “new” diseases or disturbing symptoms. However, it was possible to update information about his current problems, which he has been struggling with for (often many) years – including: regarding apnea, which he has been suffering from since 2006.

Dr. O'Connor said Biden has started using a special mask that delivers pressurized air into the nose and mouth. All this to ensure that this condition – which carries an increasing risk with age – does not disturb the sleep rhythm. The presidential doctor stated that the situation is “stable” and the president intends to “conscientiously follow the therapy” involving the use of PAP (sleep apnea device, nasal mask) at night.

The US president was not cognitively tested

In addition to apnea, the president also underwent urgent root canal treatment last year, in June. This was successful and the case was closed. In addition to the dentist, Biden also visited a neurologist, a cardiologist and a dermatologist at the military hospital. He also met with a physiotherapist and optometrist.

Despite concerns among some public opinion about his cognitive abilities, as well as ridicule from Republicans who believe that Biden cannot serve as president at his age due to his cognitive functions, he “did not undergo any tests” in the hospital to assess them, reports the Daily Mail. In the context of a neurological examination – it was subjected to detailed tests to exclude, among others: stroke or Parkinson's disease – however, doctors did not note any abnormalities.

The White House medical team assesses Biden to be “robust” and “active.” He is also capable of continuing in his current office (in April last year, the 46th US president announced his re-election campaign – Reuters reported at the time). “He is still fit for duty and fully performs all his duties without any sick leave,” O'Connor emphasizes.

Biden has been struggling with several ailments for a long time

Biden is said to be suffering from irregular heartbeat/atrial fibrillation – a disease that has been with him for nearly 21 years. He also has high cholesterol levels – for both of which he takes medication. Other illnesses that he has had for a long time include: acid reflux, seasonal allergies, stiff gait (related to arthritis), and nerve damage in the feet.

None of them require an urgent medical response or change in treatment – the situation is “stable”, according to Dr. O'Connor. These symptoms occur with the same intensity as before. For all ailments, Biden follows prescribed treatments.

To recap, Biden suffers from sleep apnea, acid reflux, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, allergies, arthritis and nerve damage in his feet. The medications he takes for his condition may cause side effects, including: fatigue, dizziness, nausea, nosebleeds, headaches and drowsiness – but this does not mean that this will actually happen.

Biden: I feel good

It is worth recalling that Biden's good health is regularly questioned in connection with the upcoming presidential elections. Many people recall that Biden, if re-elected, would be the oldest person in U.S. history to hold that position. People who pay attention to his age, rather than his health, are often accused of “ageism” (a type of age discrimination).

After the tests, Biden himself emphasized that he “feels good,” the president was quoted by The Independent on February 28.

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