Farmers do not give up on Sutryk after the ban on protests. “I won't be intimidated”

Jacek Sutryk received hundreds of threats. As it turned out, this was only the beginning of farmers' sharp reaction to the ban on protests in the city issued by the mayor of Wrocław.

The Mayor of Wrocław banned agricultural organizations from organizing protests in the city. Jacek Sutryk explained that he primarily took into account the safety, health and life of residents, as well as the need to maintain traffic on the most important arteries of the city. One of the protest organizers appealed to the court. The District Court in Wrocław upheld the politician's decision.

Farmers' protest in Wrocław. Jacek Sutryk received hundreds of threats

It didn't take long for the farmers to respond. “The street where I live, like many other places in the country, was blocked and blocked, and posters appeared on my fence. I will not be intimidated, and I consider violating my home and privacy in connection with my duties to be at least inappropriate,” said Jacek Sutryk via social media.

The president of Wrocław admitted that after the announcement of the court's decision, he received hundreds of threats against him. “I invariably support the interests of Polish agriculture, but the methods of fighting for this interest differ significantly. By spreading hatred and hostility, we will not achieve our goal,” said the politician.

Farmers' protest in Wrocław. Numerous incidents

The local government official also recalled that the first time – when the protests began – he agreed to the blockades, respecting freedom of assembly and speech. During the demonstration on February 15, which took place in front of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Office, several tires were burned. The participants also threw paint and threw eggs at a banner expressing Poland's solidarity with Ukraine. The stairs and facade of the building housing the office were also devastated. The losses were estimated at approximately PLN 140,000.

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