Earthquake in Japan. Bartosz Kurek’s wife does not have the best information

Earthquake in Japan.  Bartosz Kurek's wife does not have the best information

Anna Kurek spoke about the earthquake that hit Japan on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, the wife of the captain of the Polish national team, Bartosz Kurek, does not have the best information. Nevertheless, he is optimistic.

On New Year’s Day, an earthquake struck west-central Japan. According to the latest reports, at least 30 people died as a result of the disaster. As we reported some time ago, the destruction included: the airport in Noto, many railway lines were severed, and several tens of thousands of people still have no access to electricity. Additionally, structures in the Niigata, Toyama, Fukui and Gifu regions were destroyed.

Earthquake in Japan. Testimony of Bartosz Kurek’s wife

It is still not peaceful in the Land of the Rising Sun and residents are still struggling with the effects of the earthquake. In addition, some residents were evacuated due to the possibility of a tsunami wave, which, according to local media, could reach up to five meters.

The captain of the Polish volleyball team, Bartosz Kurek, and his family stay in Japan on a daily basis. Let us remind you that the player plays for the Wolf Dogs Nagoya team and spent New Year’s Eve in the Land of the Rising Sun. The player’s wife, Anna, spoke out about what happened and posted a short message on Instastories. “We’re fine, thank you for asking. There are numerous aftershocks, barely perceptible to us,” she gently reassured us.

Anna Kurek: I hope it won’t happen

Then Anna Kurek added: “Although the building rocked once today, it lasted maybe a minute… The media say that we must expect a similar shock within a few days, but I hope it won’t happen,” we read in entry.

“Every suspicious sound in the apartment, the slightest crack in the window, causes me to have a mini-heart attack, but I take comfort in the fact that the building survived this Monday unscathed, it must mean that this structure can be trusted. This year started tragically for Japan,” she concluded.

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