Channel Sportowy felt the departure of Krzysztof Stanowski. These numbers don’t lie

Channel Sportowy felt the departure of Krzysztof Stanowski.  These numbers don't lie

Since November, Krzysztof Stanowski, one of the creators of a very important medium in the YouTube space in Poland, has not been associated with the Sport Channel. As shown by the results available on the analytical website, this is a big blow to the sports platform.

Let us remind you that the situation with Krzysztof Stanowski’s breakup with the Sports Channel made a really big splash. “Stan” was the face of this extremely profitable business, which in a relatively short time monopolized the sports part of the online community on YouTube. The reasons for the breakup were explained by the person concerned, and there was also a sharper exchange of words between Stanowski and Mateusz Borek via public recordings.

The Sports Channel without Krzysztof Stanowski is weakening

Krzysztof Stanowski officially ceased to be associated with Channel Sportowy on November 1 this year, additionally informing that he had also sold his shares, definitively closing this chapter. Let us add that each of the four creator-journalists had 25 percent of shares in the company managing Channel Sportowy. As reported by “Business Insider”, in 2022 the company achieved a huge amount of PLN 24 million in revenue.

How does the Sports Channel cope without Stanowski? There are still three founders left, i.e. Tomasz Smokowski, the above-mentioned Borek and Michał Pol. However, the results are not positive for KS. The portal shows a significant regression, both the views and the number of subscribers are falling.

In November, the Sports Channel achieved “only” 12.1 million views, which is the worst result since August 2022. Additionally, the loss of 80,000 subscribers also has its impact. It is clear that the loss of Stanowski left a mark on KS.

Farewell to another journalist

Additionally, it is worth noting that several well-known online characters have already left the editorial office. The breakup took place, among others, with Monika Wądołowska, Kamil Gapiński and Jakub Białek.

Additionally, Stanowski founded the so-called Channel Zero. You can guess that many previously associated characters will appear there, including: with Wełości or, in further business terms, with Channel Sportowy. The launch of Channel Zero may mean another blow to, paradoxically, Stanowski’s former platform.

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