Domański: There is no departure from 500+ and 13th and 14th pensions

Domański: There is no departure from 500+ and 13th and 14th pensions

The post-election week is full of speculations regarding the economic program of a potential future government of the united opposition. Andrzej Domański from the Civic Coalition answered questions on this matter.

Andrzej Domański, who got to the Sejm from the Warsaw list of the Civic Coalition, is Donald Tusk’s economic advisor and one of the authors of the list of 100 specifics for the first 100 days of KO’s government. His name is also mentioned behind the scenes as a potential candidate for the position of Minister of Finance.

500+, 13th and 14th pension remain

One of the main topics of discussion is currently whether the state budget situation will allow the social programs introduced by PiS to be continued after the coalition of opposition parties takes power.

– Budget execution is currently poor, but it must be said very clearly that there is and will be money for the programs announced by KO during the election campaign. There is no departure from 500+ and the 13th and 14th pension. These are programs that are ingrained and Poles have become accustomed to them. Nothing given will be taken away – Andrzej Domański from KO assured on Radio Zet. 800+ is not a problem for me. This is a benefit that has been very well received in Poland – assessed.

White Paper on Finance a month after being sworn in

The Civic Coalition promised that after taking power, it would publish a White Paper on finances, in which it would present the situation of the state budget, the mismanagement of the outgoing government and irregularities.

– The White Paper on Finance will be prepared no longer than a month after the government is formed. We are determined to accurately present the state of public finances, show all examples of mismanagement of the current and departing government and show where expenses were hidden – said Andrzej Domański.

The MP-elect was also asked about reports that he may be groomed to become the new minister of finance. He denies that we are currently at the stage of very preliminary talks with our coalition partners. I would treat all the names circulating on the name exchange with a pinch of salt – he said.

What about the nuclear power plant?

Due to the pre-election statements of PO’s coalition partner from the Green party, there have been many misunderstandings regarding the future of the Polish nuclear power plant project. This matter was also clarified by the MP-elect.

– We presented a very specific plan for Poland’s energy transformation, in which we assume that by 2030, 68 percent energy in Poland will be produced from renewable energy sources. We will support onshore wind energy, photovoltaics, hybrid systems, but we see room in the system for two large nuclear power plants, but also for SMRs – he said. – All contracts will be checked, but this is completely natural. However, there is not a shadow of a discussion about questioning the signed contracts – Domański assured.

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