Do you have Apple hardware? Beware of hacker attacks via Bluetooth

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Even a wireless Bluetooth connection between individual devices can be used to attack Apple devices. Check what this threat is.

It turns out that hackers can attack us even via a wireless Bluetooth connection between individual peripheral devices, such as a mouse or keyboard. One of the foreign programmers and digital security researchers reported that owners of Apple devices, which are often considered 100 percent safe, are susceptible to such a threat.

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or MacBook? Beware of this threat

Marc Newlin, an engineer, programmer and security researcher, reported on the Internet about the Bluetooth security vulnerability in Apple devices. He discovered that an iPhone, iPad and MacBook, if paired with a mouse or keyboard, can be attacked and used by a hacker to remotely take control of the device. And since this procedure takes place entirely without the user’s knowledge, it may even be used by unauthorized persons to control the device or enter specific text on it.

The only thing that is somewhat reassuring in all this is that such a hacker, attacking our device via a wireless Bluetooth connection, can actually only remotely perform activities on it that do not require additional authorization by scanning a fingerprint or face. In practice, this means that an intruder who has targeted us will probably not be able to withdraw money from our account or perform any other activity requiring biometric authorization.

Not only Apple. Anyone can be attacked

And although Marc Newlin discovered that such a Bluetooth security vulnerability occurs in devices with a bitten apple in the logo, this does not mean that users of other popular operating systems, such as competing Android from Google, are also not exposed to it. Paying attention to unusual behavior of equipment and the principle of limited trust in online solutions will allow us to avoid the dangers that await us in the digital world.

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