Facebook launches “Stores”. They are intended to help small businesses sell online

Facebook launches "Stores".  They are intended to help small businesses sell online

You will be able to make purchases directly from the application level – Facebook and Instagram – without the need to visit the websites of small companies. The Californian giant is testing a new solution – online stores.

Facebook is introducing a new functionality due to the coronavirus epidemic. Many people have switched to online shopping, and it will probably stay that way. Small businesses want to sell online, and Facebook wants to help them (and make money). Now you will be able to buy directly from the application, without going through the store.

– We want to help small businesses adapt to new conditions and make it easier for people to buy the things they love, Facebook declares.

Many small businesses are struggling, and with stores closing, more and more are looking to take their businesses online.

Facebook Shops makes it easy for businesses to create one online store that customers can use on both Facebook and Instagram. Creating a store on Facebook is free and easy. Businesses can select the products they want to showcase from the catalog and then customize the look of their store with images that accentuate the colors that represent their brand. This means that any seller, regardless of size or budget, can conduct business online and connect with customers wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.

Facebook Shops will be located on company Facebook pages or Instagram profiles. They will also be discoverable through stories or advertisements. From this level you will be able to browse the entire collection, save interesting products and place orders – without leaving the application.

Just like in a physical store, when you want to ask someone for help, in Facebook and Instagram stores you will be able to send messages to the company via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct.

Facebook Shops will be available in the coming months. They are currently being tested.

Facebook is also testing ways to make it easier for customers to earn rewards and participate in loyalty programs. He wants to connect loyalty programs, such as points at a local coffee shop, to his Facebook account.

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