Decarbonization in heating. “We need to start by improving efficiency”

Decarbonization in heating.  "We need to start by improving efficiency"

The way to completely decarbonize the heating industry is its electrification, says Piotr Górnik, president of Fortum Power and Het Polska. However, he states that there is still a long way to go. – We need to start by improving efficiency – he said in an interview for

As Piotr Górnik said during the European Economic Forum, electrification of the heating sector is the path to its complete decarbonization. However, first, actions are needed that will allow the systems to work more efficiently. – Today, heating has an installed capacity of 53 megawatts. A simple switch to electrode boilers is impossible – he said in an interview for

Performance improvement

– We must start by improving efficiency, by reducing heat consumption both in systems and for our customers. We, as heating companies, must be aware of this and we must support it so that our customers use as little energy as possible. So that we do not generate unnecessary power – said Piotr Górnik.

He added that the industry is at the beginning of the road to electrification, and there are only a few electrification projects involving the processing of waste energy in heat pumps.

Realistic transformation

– We approach the transformation in a realistic way, which means we take into account the local conditions we have, especially in the locations where we have our modern heat and power plants. There we will switch to biomass fuels or alternative fuels – said the president of Fortum Power and Heat Polska.

He added that new sources are already designed as low or zero emission. These include the use of waste heat, heat from the air, supplied to the network by heat pumps and electrode furnaces. – We want to build new sources solely based on power supply from the power grid, where, in cooperation with a local distributor, we can balance the power grid – he said.

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