Criminals impersonate Allegro. Ignore this message!

Criminals impersonate Allegro.  Ignore this message!

The NASK organization warns against fraudsters who impersonate the Allegro auction portal and send false messages to its users.

We constantly try to appeal to our Readers to be careful on the Internet, because hardly a day goes by without us learning about subsequent waves of fraud on popular portals, whether social networking sites or, as in this case, sales or auction sites.

As we learned from a statement issued by one of the largest organizations dealing with cybersecurity, fraudsters have taken up the popular Allegro and are currently trying their hand at defrauding users of the most popular auction portal in Poland.

Criminals cheat on Allegro

The Scientific and Academic Computer Network (NASK) informed about messages that internet criminals send to e-mail addresses associated with the Allegro portal. Scammers send you to a fake link that you should not click on under any circumstances so as not to lose your login details: username and password. Otherwise, you may be used by criminals to conduct false transactions on the largest auction website in Poland.

“Criminals send a message informing about the alleged suspension of an account on an auction website. The message contains a link to a fake website through which recipients can allegedly contact the portal’s customer service department and solve the problem,” NASK announced.

Watch out for suspicious messages

Experts from NASK remind us that in cases where there is even a shadow of suspicion regarding the place where we provide our data on the Internet, we should always carefully analyze the content of suspicious messages and, above all, check the address of the website to which we were sent.

Any errors in URL addresses, minor typos, strange punctuation marks – all this should cause a red warning light to go off in our heads, which will stop us from providing sensitive data and thus protect us from becoming a victim of online fraud.

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