Communication paralysis in a European country. The cause is weather anomalies

Communication paralysis in a European country.  The cause is weather anomalies

Tourists going to Finland must be prepared for numerous difficulties. All because of the Varpu storm, which blocked traffic and kept people at home. The situation is still unstable.

Although weather anomalies in Europe do not surprise anyone, they still cause serious problems and make life difficult. There have been dangerous snowstorms over Poland many times, completely unexpectedly, but now Finland is facing problems due to storm Varpu. Not only locals but also tourists were harmed. Anyone planning a trip to these areas should think twice.

Finland hit by hurricane Varpu. Thick layers of snow

The morning of September 20 seemed to be completely normal, but suddenly a hurricane and a snowstorm hit Finland and changed everything. Suddenly, there was chaos in the streets. The roads became impassable, and not only trains stopped running, but also private cars.

In Lapland alone, about 20 cm of snow fell, which is not typical for Europe at this time of year. The Scandinavian weather is becoming more and more dangerous, so it is recommended to approach trips to Finland with caution. Wind gusts reaching speeds of over 35 m/s knocked down trees in Helsinki, but also in the centers of other cities. The hurricane ripped off, among others, street lighting in districts by the bay, and also knocked down tree branches onto parked cars and playgrounds.

Paralyzed railway. People cut off from communication and electricity

After the Varpu storm hit the city, the biggest obstacle was the blockade of train traffic. Thousands of residents pass through them every day, including: to work or schools. In some places the railway was replaced by buses, but these did not run with much success.

The situation on the ground is not stabilized yet. It is known that due to power line failures, at the worst moment, nearly 45,000 people were left without electricity. recipients. It was reported, among others, how tragic Finnish cities look. via Twitter, where, among others, snowy streets.

People present on site had to adapt to new conditions in the blink of an eye, including: change car tires to winter ones. Similar weather alerts have already been recorded in various regions of the world. Back in August this year, flooded roads and downed power lines affected Mexico and California due to Hurricane Hilary. Meteorologists continue to warn of an uncertain situation also in the British Isles.

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