The holidays are getting closer. We will spend more than last year

Cryotherapy in the sea, windbreaks on the beach and the heat that has subsided.  For Czechs and Germans, this sounds like a perfect vacation

Two weeks before the holidays, most of us already have plans for this time. Just like last year, we will spend two weeks relaxing. However, we will spend much more than in 2023.

Holidays are just two weeks away. Nearly two thirds of Poles already have plans for this time. This is proven by the Holiday Barometer 2024 study carried out by IPSOS in 21 countries. The holiday mood of most of us is spoiled by high prices.

What do we do to save? The study, details of which are provided by “Rzeczpospolita”, shows that we most often look for last minute offers (56%), and we also spend less money on food and sightseeing, and we look for cheaper accommodation (53% and 51%, respectively).

We will spend more on holidays

Despite these savings steps, we will spend as much as PLN 1,550 more on holidays than last year.

This year's holiday leave for Poles – just like last year – will last on average two weeks, which places us among the European average. Residents of Great Britain, Portugal and Italy will have a minimum rest period. The Swiss and French will go for a slightly longer vacation.

Almost half (43%) will spend their holidays in the country (most often at the seaside – 65%). Slightly less, 39 percent. respondents will go abroad, most often to Spain (10%), Italy (8%) and Greece (7%).

Most vacationers stay in a hotel (48%). Every third person decides to rent a house or apartment. We are less likely to spend the night at a friend's or family's house or in our own summer house or guesthouse (18% each). Campervan trips are not very popular this year. Only 4% choose it. subjects. A new option is the option of exchanging houses, which is also chosen by 4%. respondents.

We most often get to our vacation destination by car (46%), although the option of traveling by plane is slightly less popular (40%). Every fifth respondent will go on holiday by train. Only 12 percent chose to travel by coach or bus.

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