ChatGPT 4 available to everyone. Microsoft ends queues for Bing AI

ChatGPT 4 available to everyone.  Microsoft ends queues for Bing AI

Microsoft announced open testing of ChatGPT 4. The latest version of the tool has been made widely available to everyone for the first time. All you need to do is have an appropriate account and use Bing.

After nearly two months of closed testing, Microsoft opens ChatGPT 4 to all Internet users. The artificial intelligence included in Bing Chat is supposed to be even smarter, but previously you had to wait for access to be granted to a long list of interested parties.

Bing AI with ChatGPT 4 – new AI chat features from Microsoft

According to the company, the only requirement for access to Bing AI powered by the GPT-4 system is to have a Microsoft account. After logging in, we will have access to all AI functions in Bing and Microsoft Edge. Generative artificial intelligence also gained a few new options.

Bing Chat can now find answers for us in the form of images and even videos. Chat is now remembered between sessions and the user has access to a comprehensive record of previous conversations. The option of installing plug-ins has also been added, which will be crucial for the development of the platform by developers who add new functionalities to Bing.

The Binge / Edge Actions function has also appeared. It will allow you to handle many matters without leaving the chat interface. An example is a chatbot recommending a restaurant, which will then make a reservation for a date that suits the user. If we are looking for information about a given movie or series, Bing can tell us on which streaming service we can watch it. Then he can simply play the appropriate video.

AI DALLE 2 in Microsoft Designer – post to Instagram in a few seconds

As we wrote in, Microsoft has recently added AI functions to another product – the online graphic tool Microsoft Designer. As announced by the company, in the last update MS Designer gained new functions using AI DALLE 2. The tool is created by OpenAI, a company also known for the extremely popular ChatGPT chatbot.

What does DALLE 2 enable on Designer? Using commands and context commands, almost anyone can create interesting graphics and even entire posts on social media in a few minutes.

When asked for help, an “AI painter” will not only create graphics, but will also suggest appropriate captions and even hashtags. The designer can handle even simple animations, including: moving post background or transitions enriched with text.

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