The air conditioners started working. We make one mistake in the summer

The air conditioners started working.  We make one mistake in the summer

On hot days like today, both in homes and offices, air conditioners work at full speed. When activating the cooling function, some users confuse it with another function whose operation is impractical in summer.

After a short break, heatwaves came to Poland again. Temperatures across the country are expected to exceed 30 degrees Celsius today. Such high temperatures please those who go on holiday today, but those who have not yet had a holiday are in a worse situation. On days like today, air conditioners work at full capacity at work or at home.

Air conditioners in motion. There is no point in running this function

Current air conditioners are multifunctional devices. Not only do they heat or cool the room, they can also, among others: optimize the air humidity level. This is done using the dehumidification mode (also known as “DRY mode”). Some users confuse it with the cooling function by pressing the wrong button (the cooling mode is usually shown by a snowflake icon, and the drying mode by a water drop). This is very important because dehumidification on hot days is not very practical, because at high temperatures it is more optimal to turn on the cooling function.

In what situations is it best to use the dehumidification option? For example, when we want the hanging laundry to dry faster and not generate too much moisture into the environment; when the humidity level in the room is too high; when we are organizing a party and there are a lot of people in the room and additional factors generating heat; when we have a living room connected to the kitchen, we can remove excess moisture during intensive cooking,

The dehumidification mode works well at the turn of summer and autumn, when the highest rainfall amounts and, consequently, the humidity in the air. This mode can also be used in winter, although it all depends on the temperature (at lower temperatures, a more logical solution is to activate the heating mode).

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