Changes coming soon to WhatsApp. Here’s what new features to expect

WhatsApp with a big change.  You have 30 days to prepare for it

A handful of new features will soon appear in the popular WhatsApp messenger.

Meta (the owner of Facebook and Instagram, among others) is constantly developing its messenger called WhatsApp, regularly adding important corrections and new functions. Several interesting new features are to appear in the application thanks to an update that is currently being prepared, which will soon be available for download for users of mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Here’s what’s new to be added to WhatsApp thanks to it.

WhatsApp update is coming

Soon, more text formatting functions will be available in WhatsApp, which is interesting because the application has not been modified in any way since 2016.

The new tags that will appear in the WhatsApp text editor with the next update include >, which will be used to highlight parts of the message (e.g. to quote it more clearly), as well as – and *, which will be used to create readable lists (e.g. shopping or things to do).

Surveys will also be available on a larger scale on WhatsApp. It is true that the ability to create them has been available there for some time, but not in all places in the application, but only in conversations.

We will soon be able to create our own survey within popular Channels, which will work in exactly the same way as in the case of private conversations with other users. Users will cast their votes completely anonymously.

New features are being tested

As part of the pilot program, the new features are available to selected users of iOS and Android devices, and their large-scale testing has been ongoing since November last year.

It must be admitted that the owners and current creators of WhatsApp have not been idle lately, because corrections and new functions are regularly added to the application. Of course, we inform our readers about all significant changes in the popular messenger on an ongoing basis.

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