Are you slouching at your desk? Poles have created an innovative T-shirt that will make you forget about it

Are you slouching at your desk?  Poles have created an innovative T-shirt that will make you forget about it

The Polish company has developed an innovative T-shirt which, thanks to its flexible structure, forces a straight silhouette. – In terms of construction, it is an innovation not only in Poland, but also in the world – says Wojciech Wojtuszko, founder of

The special T-shirt has been designed so that the user can keep their back straight, because when slouching, the T-shirt causes discomfort. This way, instead of passive correction, the shirt actively encourages healthy posture and movement habits. The T-shirt is aimed at people leading a sedentary lifestyle and is planned to be introduced to European markets.

Slouching is a growing problem not only in Poland, but all over the world. I still remember from my childhood, when I used to run around the yard after a ball, but today children, unfortunately, often grow up leaning over the screen and therefore this problem is much greater from an early age. We also have a lot more work remotely and in front of screens, so this is a growing problem – says Wojciech Wojtuszko.

The report of the National Institute of Public Health PZH titled “Analysis of the Health Condition of Polish Citizens and Risk Factors” reveals that lower back pain is one of the most severe health issues that affect both women and men. Data collected by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) suggest that back pain is one of the most common chronic diseases, affecting approximately 26% of the Polish population. Spine disorders particularly bother people aged 30-49 (over 37% of cases), and are also one of the two most common problems in the age group 50-59 (35.6% of cases).

Currently, spine pain is one of the most common ailments related to violations of the structure and functions of the musculoskeletal system. According to research conducted by the Ariadna panel on behalf of Benefit Systems, as many as 86% of Poles complain of back pain. This is largely caused by incorrect body posture, maintaining a hunch and the increasing amount of time spent in front of screens.

– The best way to deal with slouching or back pain is simply to move, the healthiest thing is to have more of it during the day, humans are adapted to movement. However, today the environment is not conducive to this, we have less and less exercise and it is difficult to mobilize ourselves for it. To cope with this, to help to have more exercise during the day, there are various activities, devices and devices – indicates the founder of

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