Change in Orlen’s agenda. Obajtek may lose his position

Change in Orlen's agenda.  Obajtek may lose his position

An extraordinary general meeting of Orlen was convened for February 6. The agenda was supplemented with changes in the company’s supervisory board, the company from Płock announced in a statement. This may result in the dismissal of president Daniel Obajtek.

The State Treasury submitted a request to supplement the agenda of the extraordinary general meeting. He justified this with his right to shape the composition of Orlen’s supervisory body.

Orlen. Changes to the agenda

Orlen’s supervisory board currently consists of eight members. It consists of: former Minister of the Treasury in 2006-2007 and former president of the company in 2015-2018 Wojciech Jasiński as chairman, as well as vice-chairman Andrzej Szumański, secretary Anna Wójcik and members: Andrzej Kapała, Roman Kusz, Anna Sakowicz- Kacz, Barbara Jarzembowska and Jadwiga Lesisz.

The powers of the supervisory board include, among others: appointing and dismissing the president, vice-presidents and other members of the management board.

There was no item on the agenda regarding changes in the supervisory board. The extraordinary meeting on November 6 will also discuss, among others: the issue of shareholders’ consent to the sale of 100 percent. shares in Gas Storage Poland for Gaz-System.

Daniel Obajtek about his resignation

President Daniel Obajtek never had any reason to assume that he would remain in office after the change of government. A few months ago, he said on RMF FM that if the Civic Coalition took power, he would leave his position.

– I think it’s normal that they will thank me, because if the opposition announces things that are unrealistic: one lady talks about the price of fuel for five zlotys, and when I ask her how to do it, she says she doesn’t know, then I do not want to manage Orlen, which will generally be managed by a regulated economy and will return to communism – said Daniel Obajtek at the time.

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