Robert and Anna Lewandowski. Success on the pitch and in business

Robert and Anna Lewandowski. Success on the pitch and in business

Robert and Anna Lewandowski, despite falling on the List of 100 Richest Poles according to “Wprost”, still impress with their sports and business successes. How did they build their empire and what will the future bring?

Robert and Anna Lewandowski have fallen to one of the last places on the List of 100 richest Poles according to “Wprost”. Despite this, their wealth remains impressive, and their successes both on the pitch and in the business world arouse admiration and interest. So let’s take a look at how the footballer and fitness trainer couple built their empire and what were the key moments on their path to the financial elite.

All Lewandowski businesses

Anna Lewandowska has been promoting a healthy lifestyle for years and helping thousands of people achieve their fitness goals. Her brand Diet by Ann offers individual diet and training plans that help with healthy and sustainable weight loss. Thanks to her passion and commitment, Anna has created a community of people striving for health and better well-being. The anecdote says that the idea for Diet by Ann was born when Anna herself was struggling with health problems. Her determination in searching for natural methods of treatment and a healthy lifestyle resulted in the creation of a brand that is today synonymous with health and quality.

We can’t forget about Foods by Ann, a brand under which Anna sells healthy snacks such as energy bars and smoothies. These products are not only tasty but also full of nutrients, which makes them ideal for people leading an active lifestyle. Anna Lewandowska also launched Healthy Center by Ann, a fitness and wellness center that offers comprehensive training services, massages and dietary consultations. It is a place where customers can work on their health and fitness under the supervision of experienced specialists.

In addition, Anna is the owner of the natural cosmetics brand Phlov by Anna Lewandowska, which has gained recognition for its high-quality products and ethical approach to production. Baby by Ann is another initiative of Anna, offering products for children, including clothing, accessories and toys, which are created with the safety and comfort of the youngest in mind.


Robert Lewandowski, known for his precise shots and incredible efficiency on the pitch, has an equally precise approach to business. His fashion brand RL9 offers stylish and comfortable clothing and sports accessories. RL9 products are of high quality and are aimed at both football fans and people who value comfort and style. Robert is also involved in the development of the technology industry. He invests in innovative start-ups and develops RL9 Sport Games, a company that produces sports games. As he says, his goal is to support young, ambitious people who have ideas that can change the world.

Lewandowski also runs RL9 Coffee, a café that offers high-quality coffee and food products, becoming a meeting place for lovers of good coffee and a pleasant atmosphere. The RL9 Coffee café is not only a place where you can drink excellent coffee, but also a space that is conducive to relaxation and socializing.

The Lewandowski couple runs many businesses together, including the Lewa Foundation, which supports various charitable initiatives. The foundation is involved in educational, sports and health projects, helping children and young people in particular. As parents of two daughters, the Lewandowskis understand perfectly how important it is to support the youngest. The Lewa Foundation regularly organizes charity events, raising millions for charitable causes.

It is also worth mentioning their real estate investments. The luxury apartments they own are rented out for short and long term, both in Poland and abroad. Their attention to detail and quality makes these properties very popular. These investments also include commercial properties, which bring in stable passive income, increasing the value of the Lewandowskis’ investment portfolio.

Robert and Anna also invest in gastronomy, owning shares in several restaurants that offer a variety of menus, often inspired by healthy cuisine, which is in line with the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle promoted by Anna. These restaurants enjoy great recognition among customers, thanks to which they become meeting places not only for lovers of healthy cuisine, but also for people looking for high-quality culinary experiences.

Robert and Anna Lewandowski are not only sports icons, but also outstanding entrepreneurs. Their business portfolio includes various industries – from healthy lifestyle, through fashion and gastronomy, to technology and real estate. Their commitment and passion in each of these areas make them successful, which inspires others.

According to our sources, Robert and Anna Lewandowski’s fortune is estimated at around PLN 723 million. This includes both Robert’s sports career earnings and profits from numerous business ventures. For example, Diet by Ann and Foods by Ann generate annual revenues in millions of zlotys, and the Diet by Ann application has thousands of users around the world. RL9 is not only about clothes and accessories, but also numerous advertising contracts that bring significant income.

Investments in real estate and gastronomy bring stable passive income, increasing the value of the investment portfolio. Robert and Anna show that determination, hard work and the ability to combine passion with business can bring great results. Their story is proof that it is worth dreaming and striving to achieve your goals, regardless of whether they are sports or business goals.

Robert Lewandowski’s earnings

Robert Lewandowski has consistently developed financially since the beginning of his football career. His earnings began to grow significantly after his transfer to Borussia Dortmund in 2010, where his annual salary was around 1.5 million euros. It was here that he gained international fame, which contributed to a significant increase in his market value.

The real breakthrough came after moving to Bayern Munich in 2014. At Bayern, his annual earnings rose to around €10 million, making him one of the highest-paid players in the Bundesliga. Throughout his career at Bayern, thanks to both team and individual successes, his salary grew and reached around €20 million per year.

The move to FC Barcelona in 2022 brought another pay rise. At his new club, Robert earns around €30 million per year, making him one of the highest paid footballers in the world. The increase in his earnings is impressive and reflects both his incredible skills and the value he brings to any team he plays for.

The Lewandowskis do not rest on their laurels. They are constantly looking for new investment and development opportunities, showing that success on the pitch is just the beginning. Their entrepreneurship and ability to adapt in various industries are an inspiration to many people. Each new venture of the Lewandowskis shows that they have not only talent, but also an exceptional determination to achieve success in every aspect of life.

Despite their numerous professional and business commitments, Robert and Anna try to maintain a work-life balance. The couple raises two daughters, Klara and Laura, and often shares moments spent with their family on social media. Anna has repeatedly emphasized that family is the most important thing for her and is a source of strength and inspiration.

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