Property tax up. An increase of up to 15 percent.

Perpetual usufruct will go down in history.  The president signed the law

Property taxes contribute to the budget of the city where the property is located. The maximum rates are set based on the inflation rate for the first six months of the week. And since prices are rising, it can be expected that the property tax will increase by 15% next year. – informs “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

“It is already certain that by 15 percent. rates will increase in 2024 in Warsaw, because it is a well-established practice in this city that the increase is analogous to the inflation rate. The situation may be similar in Gdańsk and Łódź, where last year there was a maximum increase based on the inflation rate. Whether other cities will also opt for the maximum variant remains to be seen. It is not worth assuming that they will want to give up the possibility of improving the budget.

Real estate tax and economic activity

At this point, you can remind yourself how running a business in a private house/apartment relates to tax issues. A few months ago, there was a case law that was very unfavorable for taxpayers, because you have to pay a much higher tax on real estate on flats rented in business. Up to 29 times.

Doubts were dispelled by the Ministry of Finance. The ministry also announced that it would analyze the rules of taxation of residential real estate in more detail. The response from officials pleasantly surprised home entrepreneurs.

“If the apartment in which they have a registered company is used not only for business, but also for everyday life, they do not have to pay higher real estate tax” – informs “Rzeczpospolita”.

According to the ministry “a residential premises in which the entrepreneur has a registered company, used at the same time for conducting business activity and for everyday life of the entrepreneur, is subject to real estate tax at a lower rate”.

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