You have 300 thousand zloty? We checked what the developer will offer you

Who buys apartments for cash?  He asked the National Bank of Poland about it

We checked the cheapest apartments offered by several large developers. This does not mean that they are cheap, because the time of good offers is gone forever. What can you choose from when you have 300,000 at your disposal? zloty?

Real estate prices have long exceeded any psychological limits and that is why more and more people are buying not the apartment they want to live in, but one whose loan installment will not ruin the monthly budget. Filtering offers from the cheapest is already an everyday practice for some people planning to purchase. To make their task easier, we checked what the cheapest apartments are offered by the largest developers and in which cities to look for them.

Where are the cheapest apartments?

It turns out that Łódź is unrivaled in terms of price. Atal is selling a studio apartment with an area of ​​29 sq m in Polesie for PLN 269,000. zloty. For a slightly larger apartment (33 sq m from Okam) you have to pay PLN 371,000. zloty.

In Poznań, we have a 26-meter studio apartment for sale for PLN 330,000. PLN (Robyg). In Naramowice, Poznań, Atal offers a 32 sq m apartment. for 372 thousand zloty. The same developer has a 27-meter studio apartment for sale in Gdańsk for PLN 362,000. PLN, and in Krakow for a premises with an area of ​​43 sq m you have to pay PLN 469,000. zloty.

Atal informs in a press release that “Warsaw and Wrocław are more expensive.” For the cheapest apartments in these cities with an area of ​​35 sq m. you have to pay 482 – 485 thousand. zloty.

Develia encourages with prices from PLN 7,000. PLN in Gdańsk and Wrocław. “We structure our offer in such a way that in the cities where we invest, everyone can find something for themselves, regardless of their budget,” we read in the announcement. In practice, the situation is less rosy: developers are tempted by low prices, but it quickly turns out that they concern one or two apartments in the building or the entire investment.

It is worth bearing in mind that the price per square meter of the smallest apartments is higher than in the case of larger premises. The price for a 50-square-meter apartment in the same block should be several percent lower (per square meter).

How much do you need to borrow to buy a studio apartment?

How much do you need to borrow from a bank to buy a 26-square-meter apartment for PLN 330,000? zloty? Let’s assume that the borrower has PLN 60,000. own contribution and wants to repay the loan in fixed installments over 25 years. By taking advantage of the currently most advantageous offer, he will pay PLN 1,780 per month, and after 25 years he will repay the bank PLN 598,000 in total. zloty. If he manages to repay the loan in 15 years, he will return a total of PLN 441,000 to the bank. PLN, but the monthly installments will increase to PLN 2,300.

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