Apartments in Tricity. Prices higher than in Warsaw

Apartments in Tricity.  Prices higher than in Warsaw

Apartment prices in the largest Polish agglomerations no longer change from quarter to quarter, but from month to month. Experts fear that this is not the end of the rising prices on the real estate market. Both developer companies and apartment sellers want to profit from the revival in this industry. In Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, the prices of many apartments are higher than in Warsaw.

We don’t have good news for people looking for their own apartment. Real estate prices in the largest Polish agglomerations have skyrocketed again. Record prices per square meter of space were recorded in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław and the Tricity. And all this is due to the changes that have taken place in the real estate market in recent months.

Safe loan 2 percent revived apartment sales

Higher prices are the result of both the reduction in interest rates, which improved their availability, and the enormous interest in the government program “Safe 2% loan”. The very announcement of the introduction of state support for borrowers has significantly increased customer interest in apartments. As Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology, assured last week, within the first ten weeks of operation “safe credit” over 47.6 thousand applications were submitted. loan applications. During this time, 7.7 thousand have already been signed. contracts.

Unfortunately, apart from the beneficiaries, sellers also benefited from the new loan program and they increased the asking prices of apartments overnight. According to experts, the market quickly adapted to the new credit conditions. Many people have increased real estate prices to 700-800 thousand. PLN, i.e. the maximum possible value of funds available to borrowers of the government program.

Nowadays, the real estate market in Polish agglomerations is a hotly debated topic – says Paweł Podgórski, Lendi loan expert, in an interview with – Apartment prices, both on the primary and secondary markets, are constantly evolving, which makes the decision to buy an apartment more and more complex. – he adds.

High prices of apartments in prestigious districts of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot

The editorial team conducted a thorough analysis of the real estate market and checked apartment prices in the largest Polish cities and regions. After Warsaw, Krakow and the Silesian agglomeration, it’s time for the Tricity.

The most prestigious districts of this region include: Gdańsk Śródmieście, Gdańsk Jelitkowo, Gdynia Orłowo, Gdynia Śródmieście, Dolny Sopot and Górny Sopot. For many people, buying an apartment in this part of Tricity remains an unfulfilled dream. The obstacle is the very high prices of apartments.

The most expensive furnished apartments in these districts reach over PLN 50,000. PLN per square meter, where the price is comparable to the most expensive investments in Warsaw. A new buyer would have to pay PLN 5.8 million for an apartment in Orłowo, while an apartment in Dolny Sopot was valued at as much as PLN 7 million. Only a few clients or investors can afford such an expense. For most people who dream of their own M, such prices are unattainable.

Apartments in Tricity. Prices change from month to month

According to data from the SonarHome agency, since the beginning of the year the estimated price per square meter of an apartment in Gdańsk has increased by PLN 1,032, or 9.89%, and compared to August this year by 2.78%. Currently, the average price of an apartment is around PLN 11,466 per square meter.

In September, the most expensive district in Gdańsk was Letnica. “The average price of a square meter in this part of the city was PLN 15,410/sq m, which is PLN 3,944 higher than the average price in the city in general. Letnica is therefore 34.4 percent higher. higher than the average price in Gdańsk” – say the authors of the study. Śródmieście took second place. New buyers have to pay an average of PLN 15,180/sq m for an apartment. The lowest place on the podium was taken by the Brzeźno district, where a square meter of housing costs on average PLN 14,396.

Experts’ calculations show that the cheapest district of Gdańsk is Rudniki. In this area you can buy a flat at an average price of PLN 6,606/sq m. This is as much as PLN 4,860 less than the average price in the city. The cheapest districts of Gdańsk also include Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie, with the price per square meter of an apartment at PLN 7,608, and the Nowy Port district, where a square meter of space costs an average of PLN 8,418.

Apartments in Gdynia. The most expensive properties are in the Orłowo district

From Gdańsk we move to Gdynia, where the most expensive district is Orłowo. The price of a square meter of an apartment is PLN 22,712, which is more than twice as expensive as the average price in the city in general. The next places were taken by Śródmieście, where there are the most apartments for sale, and Kamienna Góra. For an apartment in the center of Gdynia you have to pay on average PLN 13,791/sq m. Property in Kamienna Góra costs slightly less, where average rates per square meter are around PLN 13,285.

In turn, the cheapest district of Gdynia is Pogórze, where the average apartment price is PLN 7,913/sq m. A similar price list of apartments can also be found in the Obłuże and Cisowa districts. There, for the sophisticated M you have to pay PLN 7,953/sq m and PLN 8,108/sq m, respectively.

Apartments in Sopot. Average price per square meter higher than in Warsaw

The SonarHome price report shows that the highest prices of Tricity apartments are in Sopot. The estimated price per square meter for Sopot has increased by 10% since the beginning of this year. and currently amounts to PLN 16,528/sq m. Karlikowo is one of the most expensive districts of Sopot, where the average price per square meter of apartment is PLN 19,648. The most expensive districts of this popular resort also include Dolny Sopot, with an average price of PLN 17,654/sq m. Buyers of apartments in Górny Sopot must reach deeper into their pockets, where average apartment prices range around PLN 14,700. PLN/sq m

The lowest price for apartments in Sopot is in the Brodwino district. In this part you can buy an apartment for PLN 11,700. PLN/sq m The cheapest districts of Sopot also include Świemirowo – PLN 13,143/sq m. and Kamienny Potok, where on average you have to pay PLN 13,778 per square meter.

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