Polish Transport Industry on the Verge of Bankruptcy: Things Have Never Been This Bad

Polish Transport Industry on the Verge of Bankruptcy: Things Have Never Been This Bad

Road hauliers announce protests as their situation becomes increasingly critical. Northern Chamber of Commerce calls on the government to take immediate action.

“We are not dealing with a hypothetical threat, but with a real risk of mass bankruptcies, especially among smaller companies. Road carriers and the entire transport sector are struggling with rising costs, while at the same time drastically limiting earning opportunities. We believe that the demands of this professional group are fully justified and require immediate intervention by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy. The lack of response from these institutions raises our great concern,” says Hanna Mojsiuk, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce declares its readiness to mediate between carriers and the relevant ministries.

“We have received a letter from Mr. Piotr Małolepszak, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure, which is written in a very conciliatory tone and expresses the willingness to cooperate in solving the problems of the transport sector. We are pleased about this, but at the same time we have the impression that the government does not treat this issue as a priority, and the situation requires it,” says Hanna Mojsiuk.

Appeal to Minister Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk

“The Ministry of Infrastructure has asked Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, to accept legal proposals regarding a temporary reduction in insurance premiums for entrepreneurs involved in international road transport. The proposal is currently being analyzed. We appeal to the Minister to deal with this matter urgently. Entrepreneurs need support, and now it is crucial to focus on helping the industry, which generates a significant part of Polish GDP and is currently struggling with a serious crisis,” adds Hanna Mojsiuk.

“We are less competitive than Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria”

The West Pomeranian Road Carriers Association is preparing for the third protest in three weeks in Szczecin and announces that it will continue its activities until the goal is achieved.

“We receive promises of aid, but the Ministry of Infrastructure does not provide specific numbers or the scale of this aid, which is definitely insufficient. We have repeatedly emphasized that compared to competitors from other countries, such as Lithuania, Romania or Bulgaria, our companies are less competitive by about 500 euros. This significantly reduces our ability to compete,” says Piotr Krzyżankiewicz, vice-president of the West Pomeranian Road Carriers Association.

“The responses to our letters do not bring any specific solutions. We are forced to continue our protests. Our MPs are also not taking any specific actions,” Krzyżankiewicz added.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce is once again intervening in this matter, this time directing its position to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

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