An important appeal by seniors. Follow these tips not only on holidays

An important appeal by seniors.  Follow these tips not only on holidays

“Great words, so true, thank you”, “If every young person listened to these tips, the world would be better”, “I’m crying… Thank you very much for these tips, I was moved” – these are just some of the comments that appeared on social media under the post with advice from the residents of the Zielony Dworek Family Nursing Home. Seniors’ tips are taking the internet by storm. It is worth putting their message into practice and remembering it not only on holidays.

We live in constant motion. We can’t stop. Christmas and the upcoming New Year are a good opportunity to slow down and make some changes in your everyday life. The residents of the Zielony Dworek Family Nursing Home remind us of this.

Advice from seniors is important not only on holidays

In the recording, seniors hold cards with tips for young people (and others). Everyone should follow them. These are universal and extremely valuable tips that we often forget in the rush of everyday duties and the pursuit of a perfect life. Older people have a lot to tell us:

  • “Always be yourself” Aga (82 years old),

  • “Don’t compare yourself to others” by Wiesio (80 years old),

  • “Look for joy in small things” Cecylia (90 years old),

  • “Don’t worry about the opinion of others” Janek (86 years old),

  • “Always be honest” Hilda (86 years old),

  • “Don’t let go if you love” Zyguś (96 years old),

  • “Listen to others and don’t be afraid to speak” Bogusia (83 years old).

Seniors appeal for greater sensitivity, attentiveness and courage in facing the difficulties of everyday life. It is very important not only to notice and listen to others, but also to focus on yourself, your own desires and needs. Stop, slow down and just relax, don’t worry about trivial things and focus all your energy on what’s really important.

The consequences of living on the run

Living in constant rush and tension has many negative consequences. It affects not only the psyche, but also the physical health of a person. Stress lowers immunity and increases blood pressure. It causes sleep disturbances and disrupts the functioning of the body on many different levels. It increases the risk of cancer-related diseases, as well as diabetes, obesity, depression, stroke and heart attack. Therefore, it is worth taking to heart the advice of Gertruda, Wiesia, Cecylia, Hilda, Bogusia and other seniors circulating on the Internet, stop for a moment, read them and remember that we only have one life. So you have to use them as best as possible.

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