Alior Bank warns against New Year’s sales. You have to be careful with scammers

Scammers impersonate the Border Guard.  "Hang up and don't call back"

Alior Bank has published a list of rules that all Internet users should follow to avoid being scammed online during New Year’s sales.

Alior Bank reminds us of the most important rules regarding online security, which should be followed not only by the bank’s customers, but simply by all Internet users. These are universal rules that can successfully remind us what not to do online so as not to fall easy prey to cybercriminals.

And although in this particular case the warning is published on the occasion of fake New Year’s sales, these are undoubtedly online health and safety rules that are worth following all year round.

Alior Bank warns against fake New Year’s sales

As was the case in December last year, in the period before Christmas, at the beginning of the new year 2024 we must also take into account that online fraudsters will not be idle. Alior Bank knows this and has just published a list of the most important rules that we should follow if we want to stay away from any online threats during this time.

Alior Bank reminds you to:

  • do not click on suspicious links sent in the text messages (such links are usually shortened or strange, consisting of long strings of characters)

  • do not provide anyone with transaction confirmation codes that the bank sends to customers via SMS, or Blik codes – such requests from strangers are most likely an attempt to extort

  • do not provide sensitive data that may be swindled on fake websites

CERT Polska emergency number for victims of cybercriminals

Please remember that a special hotline of the CERT Polska team has been launched in Poland, where you can report any detected attempts at online fraud, as well as seek help if you have already been scammed. To do this, please call the number 8080.

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