An exclusive investment by Robert Lewandowski. He will spend a fortune on it

An exclusive investment by Robert Lewandowski.  He will spend a fortune on it

Robert Lewandowski made an interesting investment. The captain of the Polish national team has purchased a property that will be the envy of many. It’s about a prestigious place in Warsaw.

Robert Lewandowski’s career is not over yet, although it is closer than further. Therefore, he must think more and more about his “life after life”. The footballer who earns huge amounts of money does not waste his fortune on stupid things, but invests in various industries. One of them is also the most popular among athletes, i.e. real estate.

Robert Lewandowski invests in Warsaw

It is an open secret that the Barcelona striker took possession of prestigious premises some time ago. The most famous of his investments is, of course, NINE’s Restaurant & Sport Bar at 6 Haberbuscha and Schiele Streets. In addition, “Lewy” and his wife Anna also own an apartment at 44 Złota Street – the so-called “apartment in the clouds”.

According to our information, Robert Lewandowski has now made another investment worth huge amounts of money. It is a villa to be built near Pole Mokotowskie, as well as a whole complex of luxury apartments, which will also include the footballer’s new acquisition. We found out that in this location the price per square meter is almost astonishing, after all, it is about PLN 30,000.

Robert Lewandowski will spend a fortune

The unique building, which will be built in a prestigious location in Warsaw, will contain only 24 apartments (92-186 square meters) and 4 city villas with a much larger area (235-312 square meters). The 35-year-old athlete decided to invest in one of them. It is easy to calculate that at least PLN 6-7 million will be allocated for this purpose.

The places being created will not be ordinary, but premium-class and will guarantee residents “comfort of living at the highest level”. Currently, it is not known when the construction of these luxurious premises will be completed.

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