A telling comment from a PiS politician after the primaries in Wieruszów. “Whatever, whatever”

A telling comment from a PiS politician after the primaries in Wieruszów.  "Whatever, whatever"

KO ahead of PiS, Third Droga behind them. These are the results of the primary elections, which, as every year, took place in Wieruszów, called “Poland in a nutshell”. – Oh yes, oh yes – this is how Tadeusz Woźniak, PiS MP and candidate in the current elections from that district, reacted to the results in an interview with Wprost. He added that the primaries are just for fun. – In the right vote, PiS will certainly defeat the Civic Coalition – says MP Woźniak.

The primaries were organized here for the third time. Previously, poll votes were held in Wieruszów in 2019 and 1997. The town is called “Poland in a nutshell”, because the results of the primaries conducted so far were similar to the results that later occurred in the parliamentary elections. In this commune, for many years, the results of local voting have been very similar to the results of national parliamentary, presidential and European Parliament elections. The difference in results is usually within the statistical error limit.

Voters do not vote for specific candidates, but for parties, and there is no election silence on voting day, which is why most parties carried out agitation until the last moment.

Primary elections in Wieruszów. PiS MP: It’s just fun

This year, 11,184 people were eligible to vote in the primary elections, and 2,155 ballots were issued. 2,110 valid votes were cast. The Civic Coalition won. 34.08% of voters voted for Donald Tusk’s party. people. PiS, on the other hand, won 32.32%. Third place was taken by Trzecia Droga – 11.94 percent, followed by: Konfederacja – 6.64 percent of votes, Lewica – 6.35 percent, Polska Jest Jedno – 4.08 percent and Niepartyjni Samorządowcy – 3.51 percent. The Prosperity and Peace Movement received the least votes – 0.76 percent and the Entrepreneurs’ Strike – 0.33 percent.

– We win in real elections – argues local Law and Justice MP Tadeusz Woźniak. – The primaries are just a kind of fun for the local population.

The PiS MP attributes his party’s defeat in the primaries to low turnout, although this year it was exceptionally high and amounted to 19.27%. votes. Four years earlier, significantly fewer Wieruszów residents went to the polls, as only 13 percent voted. entitled.

– From what I know, the turnout in the primaries was extremely low, absolutely not reflecting the authentic social mood – argues Tadeusz Woźniak. – I think that if there is such a result with a turnout of several percent, where the opposition was certainly motivated to achieve such a tiny success, then when more than 50 percent of our society takes part in the elections, Law and Justice will definitely achieve a result above 40 percent, and the Civic Coalition will have approximately half of what it has today in the primaries. I am convinced of this, he adds.

Although MP Woźniak is aware that so far Wieruszów has been a kind of pre-election barometer, he believes that this year the result of the primary elections is not entirely reliable and Poles will decide to support the PiS program at the ballot box.

– Until now, Wieruszów was indeed considered the most authoritative. But probably no reasonable person in Poland will believe that several percent of eligible voters will vote. This already proves that we have to look at these results with a pinch of salt, adds Tadeusz Woźniak. – As a believer, I always believe in the wisdom of the nation. And if a nation has an instinct for self-preservation, if it has a vision of its development, it must rely on a patriotic group that will provide it with all kinds of security: from military to economic security, a camp that will ensure that Poland will continue to exist on the world arena as a sovereign state, which other countries take into account. If the opposition potentially wins, I think this situation could look dramatic for Poland.

Opposition: This is a breath of hope

Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition, who ran with MP Woźniak in last year’s elections from one district, points out that PiS may downplay the result of the primary elections, but the mood of voters this time is more friendly to the opposition.

– I was in Wieruszów four years ago and yesterday, and I see how people’s moods have changed – emphasizes Dariusz Joński. – I remember what it was like four years ago: the atmosphere of Wieruszów and other places. Now the atmosphere is completely different, there is mobilization on the opposition side and demobilization on the PiS side. Additionally, the visa scandal is also of great importance. I think that people on the side of the democratic opposition are fed up with this theft. I hear it on the streets, in the bazaars, at election rallies.

Dariusz joński also referred to the words of a PiS MP about low turnout in the primary elections.

– Four years ago, with a 13 percent turnout, PiS proclaimed their success, that their result was twice as great as ours and that this is Poland in a nutshell. On Sunday, they withdrew because they had to be informed several hours earlier that it would be a defeat, argues the KO politician. – When PiS did well in the polls, they said they were credible. And now that they’re losing, it’s no longer possible.

MP Joński adds that the campaign is about changing the mood and election results, and the Civic Coalition has been working hard in recent weeks and showing Poles what the government of the United Right looks like.

– A month ago there was a different atmosphere. Now it seems to me that we are gaining momentum, we are showing Poles that we can build Poland differently. The goal of the Civic Coalition is to win and we will win. There are more and more people of good will, more and more people who stood on the sidelines, but looking at what is happening, they will not remain indifferent and will vote against the PiS state. Personally, I feel a breath of hope and a boost of energy – sums up Dariusz Joński.

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