Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The first hostages are released, an exchange will take place

Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.  The first hostages are released, an exchange will take place

13 Israelis and 12 Thai citizens were released by Hamas. Once they are identified, Israel will release 24 women and 15 minors.

From At 7 a.m. there is a break in the fighting in the Gaza Strip. During the ceasefire, humanitarian and fuel deliveries to the Gaza Strip are possible. According to the agreement, the first group of 13 Israeli hostages kidnapped on October 7 was released at 16. 12 of them were located in Kibbutz Nir Oz on the border with the Gaza Strip. The hostages managed to get across the border with Egypt.

Hamas released 13 Israeli hostages and 12 Thai citizens

Egypt also announced that it had managed to negotiate the release of 12 Thai citizens who crossed the border into Israel, reports The Times of Israel. In total, at least 50 women and children are to be released during the four-day ceasefire. Another approximately 180 people, however, will remain hostages. Israel also insisted that Red Cross workers be allowed to visit the remaining hostages.

As part of the agreement, Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners, women and minor hostages, including 39 on Friday. The release of the 24 women and 15 minors will only take place after the Palestinians release and identify 13 people. Those released by the Palestinians are to undergo preliminary physical and mental examinations.

Israel offered to extend the ceasefire. Known conditions

Israel said the ceasefire could be extended by another day for every 10 people released. According to the recommendations, the freed hostages should remain under observation for two days before they are released home. Hamas reported that during the 48-day war, 14,854 people were killed, 36,000 people were injured, and 7,000 people were injured. people are considered missing. According to information from the Israel Defense Forces, at least 1.2 thousand people died. Israelis.

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