Controversy related to the start of Polish ski jumpers. PZN writes about lack of self-confidence

Controversy related to the start of Polish ski jumpers.  PZN writes about lack of self-confidence

Not only Polish jumpers are taking part in Oslo this weekend. My colleagues were also supposed to do it, but results and “lack of self-confidence” got in the way.

Polish jumpers are fighting for good positions in the World Cup in Oslo. This year's Raw Air series is a big change in the regulations, which may surprise many fans. Jumpers also have their own competitions (also as part of the series). Although the white and red fans were counting on good results, in the end no representative took part in the World Cup competition.

Bizarre circumstances of the Polish women's start in Oslo

Most fans know that the Polish ski jumpers' season is not the best. Those who don't follow women's performance may be surprised to learn that women's results are even worse. Among all Polish women, Anna Twardosz is ranked the highest. The achievement of eight points gives her only 50th position in the classification. Neither Pola Bełtowska nor Nikola Konderla scored points in the competition yet. The competition in Oslo could have been a chance to break through, but the qualifications thwarted the plans.

On Saturday, the Polish Ski Association announced that none of the competitors would take part in the competition. Anna Twardosz and Pola Bełtowska did not qualify (47th and 50th place, respectively). The announcement comes as a surprise when we read about Nicole Konderli's situation. The association reported that the athlete “was withdrawn from the Raw Air tournament after a training trial due to lack of self-confidence on the hill.” Konderla recently returned to Harald Rodlauer's squad after a break.

Polish jumpers are penultimate in the general classification

The message and poor qualifying results mean that the Polish women will not improve their results. Not only do they take distant places in the individual World Cup classification, but they are also in the penultimate position in the team classification, ahead only of Kosovo. The rivals have not scored a single point yet.

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