The Polish representative can play in Serie A again. His former team sees him at home

The Polish representative can play in Serie A again. His former team sees him at home

Polish footballers have been conquering Italy for years. Most fans pay attention to Zieliński, Milik and Szczęsny, but there are also other players. One of the team members may return to Serie A. According to media reports, his former club, where he showed his good side, wants him.

For many years, the Polish national teams have developed a standard of solid players, whose signing does not significantly strain the budget. Piotr Zieliński, Wojciech Szczęsny and Arkadiusz Milik are names that speak a lot even to foreign fans of “calcio”. Szymon Żurkowski has also been staying on the Apennine Peninsula for years, and he may soon change the club again.

Szymon Żurkowski can play for Empoli again

The footballer has settled down in Italy for good. He has been playing for Spezia since January last year, where he first went on loan and then was finally bought from Fiorentina. With his current club, the midfielder survived relegation to Serie B after the play-offs. In the current season, however, together with Bartłomiej Drągowski, Przemysław Wiśniewski and Arkadiusz Reca, he cannot help the club gain promotion back to Serie A. The club is failing badly and is struggling not to suffer relegation after relegation.

Żurkowski himself doesn’t get many chances this season and is not a basic player in Luka D’Angelo’s team. “La Gazetta dello Sport” informs that therefore the 7-time Polish representative may leave Spezia. The owners of Empoli are said to be keen on his return. The footballer was already a player of this club in the years 2020-2022, so he knows the local environment very well.

According to the newspaper, the Pole would this time go to the Tuscan club on a permanent transfer. Just like in Spezia, there is no shortage of Polish players in Empoli. The team’s current players are Sebastian Walukiewicz and Bartosz Bereszyński.

Empoli is fighting to stay in Serie A

In the Serie A 2023/2024 table, Empoli is in last place. However, Aurelio Andreazzoli’s team is only one point behind the seventeenth-placed Hellas Verona. Spezia, in turn, is currently the 19th club in Serie B.

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