Will the Church recognize “ecological sin”? This idea was born at the synod

Will the Church recognize "ecological sin"?  This idea was born at the synod

Bishops sitting at the The Amazon Synod deals with, among others, ecological issues. Some of the clergy called for the introduction of the concept of “environmental sin”. Such a moral offense would be e.g. destruction of the natural environment or lack of respect for nature.

The issue of ecology is often raised during the ongoing Synod of Bishops on the Amazon. Vatican News already reported a few days ago that during one of the sessions, the deliberators decided that it was necessary “ecological conversion”that will enable Christians to understand “the importance of sin against the environment as a sin against God, neighbor and future generations”. “Not for the individualism or indifference that makes us look at reality the way a viewer looks at a screen. Yes to an ecological conversion focused on responsibility and an integral ecology that puts at the center human dignity that is too often trampled upon. – we read in the summary of the meeting.


Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communications, told a press conference that bishops, observers and delegates of other Christian churches reported the need “a deep ecological conversion that moves from a technocratic paradigm to a caring paradigm”. He added that according to one of the participants, Christianity is “a call to ecological morality knowing that there are ecological sins that can also be defined as ecocide”.

The Catholic News Service reported that, according to one synod participant, the concept and impact “ecological sins” could be explained through catechesis, and above all in the sacrament of penance. In the light of this theory, just like other sins, also sins committed against nature can be divided into “lesser and more serious”. During the synod, a proposal was also made to introduce the so-called ecological canon, in the light of which the Church could consider it a sin to disrespect the natural environment or to destroy nature.

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