14th retirement. The government has made a decision. When are the first payments?

14th retirement.  The government has made a decision.  When are the first payments?

On Tuesday, the government decided on the payment of the so-called fourteenth pensions. The money will go to pensioners in September. How much will the benefit be?

At Tuesday's meeting of the Council of Ministers, the government adopted a regulation on determining the month of payment of the next additional annual cash benefit for retirees and disability pensioners in 2024. “Fourteens” will be distributed to seniors in September – we read in a statement from the Prime Minister's Office on website X.

How much will the fourteenth pension be?

The amount of the fourteenth act is determined by the Act on additional pension benefits. However, it does not say directly what amount pensioners are to receive, because pensions are subject to indexation every year, but it assumes that the pension cannot be lower than the minimum pension benefit, which currently amounts to PLN 1,780.96. This does not mean, however, that pensioners must receive this amount. The act provides for the possibility of increasing the fourteenth pension. However, it is not known whether he will be willing to do so.

Who won't get a fourteenth pension?

The Act of May 26, 2023 states that the full amount of the fourteenth pension will be at least the amount of the lowest pension applicable from March 1 of the year in which the next additional annual cash benefit is paid. In the case of people with a basic benefit above PLN 2,900 gross, the “PLN for PLN” principle applies.

Therefore, the additional cash benefit will not reach all seniors. Pensioners whose pensions are higher than PLN 5,500 will not receive the fourteenth pension. zloty. Data show that there may be up to 1.5 million retirees.

ZUS estimates that approximately 8.9 million pensioners will receive the “fourteenth pension” this year, including 6.4 million people who will receive the full amount (the amount of the lowest pension) and 2.5 million people who will receive a lower amount, due to the amount of the benefit received above PLN 2,900 per month.

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