An embarrassing problem for many Poles. An innovative operation was carried out in Krakow. “Historical Progress”

An embarrassing problem for many Poles.  An innovative operation was carried out in Krakow.  "Historical Progress"

Surgeons from Krakow performed the first surgery in Poland and the second in Europe to implant an electronic urethral sphincter. – This is a chance for men with complete brain damage. We hope that we will also perform such operations on women. Perhaps also using a robot – says prof. Piotr Chłosta, head of the Clinical Department of Urology and Oncological Urology at the University Hospital in Krakow.

Katarzyna Pinkosz, “Wprost”: What is the breakthrough of the operation carried out by the professor's team?

Prof. Piotr Chłosta: It took place as part of the cooperation of French engineers and Polish surgeons, as part of a clinical trial of which our center is one of the coordinating institutions in Poland and Europe. Polish-French cooperation resulted in the construction and implantation of an artificial urethral sphincter, which is based on a completely different principle than the previously used hydraulic sphincters. The patient is implanted with a specially constructed cuff, additionally crimped to reduce the risk of urethral necrosis. We also implant the so-called a transmission line, i.e. something like a battery, the size of a pacemaker.

The external element is a remote control activated by the patient (and previously configured by the doctor). When the patient presses the urination mode button on the remote control, the cuff on the urethra relaxes and urine can flow freely from the bladder. This is the so-called “normal” mode, but the sphincter can also operate in “rest” and “active” modes.

The resting mode is used when the patient is at lower risk of an episode of stress urinary incontinence, e.g. during sleep. The possibility of using this mode is very beneficial for the urethra, it relieves pressure on it, which reduces the risk of scarring. In turn, the “active” mode causes stronger pressure: this allows you to hold urine in the event of very high efforts, e.g. during sports.

How did it happen that this innovative operation was performed in Poland?

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