Żabka’s historic result. They opened store number 10,000

Żabka's historic result.  They opened store number 10,000

Żabka is one of the largest grocery store chains in Poland. In larger cities, branches with the green frog logo are visible on almost every corner, and they are also increasingly appearing in new housing estates. The company already has 10 thousand stores where it introduces a number of innovative solutions. The first one was opened a quarter of a century ago.

This news electrified not only the entire retail industry in Poland. The event is also widely commented on social media. This is about the symbolic opening of another Żabka store. Żabka no. 10,000 was opened this weekend. The company’s announcement itself meant that regular customers of this chain had been trying for several days to locate the town where this symbolic store would be opened. The ten thousandth Żabka is located in Stary Browar in Poznań.

10 thousand Żabka chain stores. “This is a milestone in the company’s development”

The opening of the 10,000th store is a milestone in the development of the Żabka chain. We would not have achieved it if it were not for our franchisees who take care of relationships with customers on a daily basis and build a positive image of our brand – said Adam Manikowski, vice-president of the management board of the Żabka Group, managing director of Żabka Polska, on the newshandlowe.pl portal. “We are constantly reaching new places and surprising with innovative solutions to better respond to the needs of consumers and make life easier for millions of them every day” – added.

For customers 10 thousand Żabki was prepared with numerous surprises on the opening day of the store. They had the opportunity to create a mosaic mural from photos taken in a special booth. Photographs printed in appropriate colors will be pasted in the marked places. In this way, they will create the anniversary logo – 10,000. Clove.

Żabka introduces innovative solutions. The robot serves a hot dog

Żabka in Poznań also uses many innovative and ecological solutions. The Robbie robot, which prepared and served hot dogs with automatic precision, was very popular among buyers. Photos of the robot working behind the counter quickly circulated the Internet.

Żabka has been operating on the Polish market for a quarter of a century. The company boasts a dense network of stores throughout the country. In larger cities, Żabki are visible on almost every corner, appearing both in city centers and in new housing estates. The data shows that currently almost 16 million people in Poland live within a radius of only 500 meters from the nearest store with the green frog logo. The store application has over 6.1 million users.

In recent years, the chain has introduced many innovative and ecological solutions. In addition to traditional retail outlets, the company also has stores in less standard formats. Unattended facilities supported by artificial intelligence have been launched in Poland’s largest cities. The company also launched the first drive-through store, so that traveling customers can shop without having to get out of their car.

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