Żabka is testing the shopping of the future. The delivery robot hit the streets of Warsaw

Żabka is testing the shopping of the future.  The delivery robot hit the streets of Warsaw

A robot with the Żabka logo has recently hit the streets of Warsaw and is able to independently deliver purchases to customers within a two-kilometer radius.

The Żabka retail chain tested another solution in the field of autonomous deliveries. A self-driving robot called Darjush appeared on the streets of Warsaw and was created to deliver shopping to customers in cities. This is another example of the fact that in the future, many popular professions currently performed by humans may be replaced by the latest achievements in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Żabka's robot took to the streets

Darjush, a self-propelled robot with the Żabka logo, appeared on the streets of Warsaw at the end of February and caused a lot of interest among passers-by who had the opportunity to see what shopping deliveries in Polish cities will look like in the near future (although it is not yet known when exactly).

The solution was tested as part of the Żabka Jush service, i.e. quick deliveries of purchases from a popular chain of stores. This is not the first time Żabka has tested a similar type of technology. In the summer of 2023, the company boasted of a successful delivery, made using an aerial drone, which delivered the order to one of Warsaw's beaches (as part of a planned marketing campaign with the participation of an actor known from the series “M jak miłość”).

“Innovative solutions are the basis of our business. We already proved this last summer when we tested drone deliveries. When reaching for another solution in this area, we wanted to learn about its possibilities. The use of modern technologies is in our DNA and we are closely looking at ideas that can help improve the last mile process.” – said Maciej Nowakowski, CEO of Lite e-Commerce, the startup responsible for the development of the Żabka Jush service.

The Darjush robot is able to deliver ordered products within 15 minutes, within a radius of two kilometers. It moves at a speed of up to 20 km per hour, which is the maximum speed at which e.g. electric scooters can travel in Poland.

The robot moves on sidewalks and bicycle paths, and can work for up to a whole day on one battery charge. When it encounters an obstacle, it is able to independently determine an alternative route. And if necessary, a remote operator will help him.

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