Will Mariusz Pudzianowski still fight? A clear declaration

Will Mariusz Pudzianowski still fight?  A clear declaration

Mariusz Pudzianowski’s future in combat sports has finally become clear. With one entry, the KSW player dispelled all doubts. The former strongman admitted that he misses this.

Mariusz Pudzianowski has been one of the most popular MMA fighters for years. Unfortunately, he has had a bad time lately. The player from Biała Rawska lost his last two fights – against Mamed Khalidov and Artur Szpilka, so people began to speculate what would happen next with his career.

The future of Mariusz Pudzianowski in combat sports

Some time ago, in an interview with “Super Express”, Martin Lewandowski admitted that his future in KSW is unknown. – The question about Mariusz’s next fight is difficult. It’s impossible to answer specifically: yes, there is another rival. It’s probably no secret that Mariusz already has as much money on his plate as he has. You can see from him that PESEL is doing its job, that his career is coming to an end – he said.

However, in November something changed and one of the owners of the federation posted a photo on Instastories with “Pudzian”, who was signing gloves with the KSW logo. In turn, the former strongman world champion wrote on his social media: “Today, a nice meeting at the KSW office and planning for the next year, 2024,” it read.

Moreover, in a December interview on the Olimp Sport Nutrition YouTube channel, he calmed down the fans a bit by revealing that he still wants to practice sports. – I’m still enthusiastic, but I know that you don’t live forever. At some point you have to say enough is enough. Even though I could do it for another five years. I’ll have some fun and then I don’t know what I’ll do, he wrote.

A clear declaration by Mariusz Pudzianowski regarding the future

In his latest post on Facebook, Mariusz Pudzianowski spoke about his future. It’s a clear declaration.

“I miss MMA a little, that’s why I’m preparing hard for the next fight, 120%, I’m not doing it ONLY for myself, but also for you, so that I can give you many more positive emotions,” we read.

For now, it is not known who and where Mariusz Pudzianowski will fight. Due to the upcoming fight between Mamed Chalidow and Tomasz Adamek, there are rumors that perhaps “Pudzian” – as part of a rematch – will be loaned to FAME MMA, the federation with which “Góral” is associated.

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