Death of 16-year-old Eric. There is an indictment

Death of 16-year-old Eric.  There is an indictment

Eryk from Zamość was beaten by his friends and soon died. 17-year-old Daniel G. faces up to 25 years in prison. There is an indictment.

In Zamość (Lublin Voivodeship), a group of teenagers severely beat a 16-year-old girl – reported “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The event that shocked the whole of Poland took place at the end of February. It aroused great emotions not only, among others, the age of the victim and the attackers, but also the fact that afterward they fled the scene without helping Eryk.

When he tried to get up, the 17-year-old ran up and kicked him in the head

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość announced on November 15 that the indictment against the 17-year-old had been sent to the District Court. Daniel G. was supposed to not only beat, but perhaps also kill Eric. The spokeswoman for the prosecutor, Anna Rębacz, revealed the results of the investigation – in cooperation with two colleagues, he beat the victim, including he kicked and punched his head and torso. The very reason for his action was assessed as “trivial”.

Further on, Rębacz points out that after the beating, Daniel G., seeing that the 16-year-old was getting up from the ground, kicked him in the face while running, “which led to his death”, which is why “he was accused of the crime” – we read. Psychiatric and psychological experts also stated that he was “mentally healthy” when committing the crime, and is currently in good health, so there is nothing to prevent him from standing trial.

The teenager does not admit to killing the 16-year-old, but only to beating him. He is currently in pre-trial detention. He faces 25 years in prison.

She informed her friends when Eric finished his lessons

The remaining two attackers are currently charged with assault. The court did not place them in custody, but they received temporary probation supervision. The spokesman from Zamość informs that the minors are over 17 years old, so “the provisions of the Act on Support and Resocialization of Minors apply to them.” They may be subject to penalties in the form of educational, therapeutic or correctional measures.

One more person was charged in the case – a teenager who was supposed to inform her peers when Eryk finished his lessons. She also pointed the finger at the 16-year-old when he was leaving school with other students.

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