When she woke up, her feet had a strange appearance. She thought she had cancer. The reason shocked her

When she woke up, her feet had a strange appearance.  She thought she had cancer.  The reason shocked her

– When I saw my feet, I thought I had liver cancer – says our reader, who one morning noticed that her feet were yellow and itchy. When she knew the reason, she was relieved but shocked at the same time.

Our reader, Mrs. Ola, is 38 years old. He cares very much about his health. It is alert to all signals coming from the body. Even though she’s not a hypochondriac, the yellow color of her feet that she noticed when she woke up made her think of her worst-case scenarios.

What did our reader’s feet look like?

Mrs. Ola noticed the first symptom on her feet after waking up. The soles of her feet were very yellow, turning orange in places. What was surprising was that the color was distributed unevenly. The heel of the left foot was the yellowest, as was the big toe of the right foot, including the nails. First association: jaundice. Second: liver cancer – our reader’s grandmother suffered from this cancer. Ms. Ola remembered that yellow skin may be one of the symptoms of this cancer due to the high level of bilirubin – a pigment found in the body. The woman decided to scrub her feet with a pumice stone, but their color did not change. Additionally, there were unpleasant skin ailments, burning and itching.

To stop thinking about a possible illness, she went swimming with her son. Especially since the situation happened on a weekend, so contact with a doctor was difficult. After an hour of swimming, Mrs. Ola immediately noticed the appearance of her feet. The bile was almost invisible.

What does the yellow color of feet indicate?

There are many diseases that can be seen on the feet. These include gout, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and PAD (peripheral artery disease). However, the yellow color of the feet may indicate, for example:

  • kidney diseases,

  • liver diseases,

  • pancreatic diseases,

  • jaundice,

  • cornea of ​​the feet,

  • psoriasis.

In the case of our reader, the changes in her feet resulted from something completely different. From wearing… tights.

This is what happens to your body when you wear fake tights for too long

“I was afraid, that I had pancreatic cancer and the reason turned out to be prosaic” – reports the woman. She remembered that she had been wearing insulated, very tight tights the entire previous day. She also spent several hours in insulated shoes, so her feet must have sweated a lot, especially since the temperature was quite high that day. Under the influence of heat, the tights began to dye, even though they were black, and turned the feet yellow. There was probably an allergic reaction that also caused burning and itching. After returning home, the reader checked the ingredients of the tights on the packaging. It turned out that they were made of plastic.

What ailments can tights cause?

Wearing plastic tights may adversely affect your health. Especially those that include, among others: nylon and polyamide. People who have problems with excessive foot sweating should pay particular attention to the composition of tights and socks. They may develop skin lesions, sores, itching and, consequently, even athlete’s foot. Sweaty feet are an ideal environment for its development – artificial material does not absorb moisture and does not allow air to pass through. As a result, your feet sweat even more. There is also often an unpleasant odor.

But it is not everything – a reaction to artificial tights may occur not only on the feet, but also in the intimate organs, where there may also be burning, itching, skin lesions, and even changes in the color of vaginal discharge. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right underwear that is breathable. It is also worth making sure that panties, tights or socks are not too tight – this is to ensure adequate circulation.

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