Dorota Gardias about her health problems. “We think we are immortal”

Dorota Gardias about her health problems.  "We think we are immortal"

Dorota Gardias revealed new information about her health condition. The weather presenter underwent surgery to remove a breast tumor in 2021.

Dorota Gardias won the title of Miss Lublin Province in 1999, and a year later she was chosen the most beautiful student of Lublin. She also holds the following titles: Miss Tomaszów Lubelski, Miss Chmielaków, Miss Teenager of the Zamość Region, Miss Summer of the Zamość Region, Miss Polonia Roztocza and Miss Dziennik Wschodni. She also took part in the Miss Polonia competition and, as a model, appeared on the covers of magazines such as “CKM”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Twój Styl” and “Moda & Styl”.

She started working in the media in the Lublin branch of TVP 3. However, the general public knows her mainly from the fact that she has been presenting the weather on TVN since 2006. She hosted programs such as “Project beach”, “Projekt beach at night” and “Meteo Maniak”.

Dorota Gardias had breast cancer

In June 2021, Dorota Gardias announced that during a routine check-up she found out that she had breast cancer. Then she admitted in interviews that her “life flashed before her eyes.” The operation had to be done as soon as possible. The journalist surrendered to it in September of the same year.

Now, in an interview for “Fakt”, Gardias confessed how she felt. – My health is fine and that’s the most important thing. All of us who are healthy are lucky. I won’t even refer to my story, which for me had a wonderful ending and I am one of the lucky women when it comes to women, she emphasized.

Gardias: We all think we’re immortal

The presenter assured that she now helps many people who need help and this allowed her to gain some distance. – We should also be happy that we are healthy, let’s not complain, because we have reasons to be happy. If you don’t have health, you have nothing, if you have health, you can do anything. If someone is constantly complaining, I encourage them to visit a hospice. Go and see and you will straighten yourself out. We all think that we are immortal, but this is not true. Especially nowadays, where we are exposed to so many toxic substances in the food itself, and many people are not aware of it. This is the world and you also have to be able to find your way in it, she said.

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