What color is your personality? Test yourself with our quick test

What color is your personality?  Test yourself with our quick test

Personality is an extremely complex construct. However, it is worth putting some effort into getting to know him better. This knowledge allows you to function better in everyday life and get along with people easier. Take our quick test and find out the color of your personality.

The first personality typology was created by Hippocrates. He distinguished four types of temperament. In psychology, this term is used to describe a set of features that constitute a human personality. They determine our behavior. They also influence relationships established with people. They indirectly affect every aspect of human functioning. Over the years, the concept created by the thinker has evolved and undergone many modifications. They were made, among others, by the Swedish psychologist Thomas Erikson, who – following the example of Carl Jung and Walter Clark – assigned colors to individual types of temperament.

What color is the human personality?

Human personality is actually a mixture of different colors and characteristics. One color may prevail over the others. This dominance determines which people we get along with better and who we don’t get along with. We also follow it when making friends and acquaintances, even though we are not aware of it. It’s an instinctive action. It takes place, as it were, beyond our awareness and control.

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