Weiss, Śpiewak, Tekieli, Loska. We said goodbye to them in 2023

In 2023, we said goodbye to many famous figures – including: politicians, social activists and athletes. In our gallery we recall their profiles.

On November 1, the Catholic Church celebrates All Saints’ Day, i.e. those who have achieved salvation. Although we also pray for the souls of the deceased on November 2, All Souls’ Day, it is generally accepted that on the first day of November, Poles visit cemeteries in large numbers because it is a day off from work.

All the saints. They are the ones who left in 2023

On the first days of November, we remember not only our loved ones, but also famous people who made history with their political, social and sports activities.

In our presentation, we remember famous people from Poland and around the world who died in 2023. Among them are politicians, parliamentarians, athletes and journalists. We also remember community activists and teachers who will be remembered for their activities and dedication to their local homelands.

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