Andrzej Duda planted a forest in Suchedniów with his wife. Trees were cut down in preparation

Andrzej Duda planted a forest in Suchedniów with his wife.  Trees were cut down in preparation

Andrzej Duda took part in a nationwide forest planting campaign. During the ceremony in Suchedniów, he emphasized the importance of increasing forest areas. Several trees were cut down in preparation for the visit.

On Tuesday, October 3, Andrzej Duda took part in the “we plant” campaign. As part of a nationwide project, together with his wife, he appeared in the Kruk forest in Suchedniów, where he promoted pro-ecological activities, including planting trees. During his speech, he emphasized, among other things, the importance of protecting nature and increasing forest areas.

The president planted a forest in Suchedniów

The day before the planned ceremony, information about the cutting of trees in the forest to which the president was invited appeared on social media. A man who went for a run reported the disturbing incident. The witness noticed a group of young men in the forest mowing the grass, cutting down bushes and small trees, and cutting dry branches.

“Then I saw four bomb disposal vehicles, so I asked what was happening so as not to accidentally fly into the air. The sappers informed me that President Duda was coming,” he said in a post on Facebook. He suggested that the foresters’ actions could have been related to the “planting” campaign and the visit of the presidential couple.

“WE CUT OUT” campaign? The forester explains

“Of course, I could have misinterpreted all this, it is possible that it has nothing to do with the President’s arrival tomorrow. I could also have made a mistake about the name of the campaign, but maybe it was #wycinaMy,” added the runner.

The reports about the cutting down of trees were confirmed by the forester of the Suchedniów Forest District. – We cut down trees that were leaning over the event area, posing a threat to participants. This is due to security rules, said Piotr Fitas in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

The man stated that about five trees were removed as part of the preparations. – It was prepared because we wanted to greet the head of state with respect – the forest superintendent told Wirtualna Polska. He assured that representatives of other political options would be welcomed in the same way.

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