Warta Zawiercie dotted the i’s. Certain promotion in the CEV Cup

Warta Zawiercie dotted the i's.  Certain promotion in the CEV Cup

Warta Zawiercie had an unsuccessful start in the PlusLiga. In turn, in the CEV Cup, they are doing much better and needed only two sets to advance to the 1/16 finals. Their rival in the rematch was TSV Raiffeisen Hartberg.

The volleyball players of Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie have already started playing on the second front. The Jurassic Knights advanced to the CEV Cup, where in the round of 32, Michał Winiarski’s team faced TSV Raiffeisen Hartberg away.

CEV Cup: Warta Zawiercie needed two sets to advance

The Zawiercie team won the first match in their own hall 3-0 without any major problems, although there were moments when their rivals from TSV Raiffeisen Hartberg fought evenly. Ultimately, they managed to score 20 points in only one set – in the third set. In the previous two games, they scored only 14 points.

Due to this victory, the team from Zawiercie needed only two sets to advance to the 1/16 finals of the CEV Cup. After the first match, the rivals’ coach, Markus Hirczy, assured that his players would show more in the rematch, and Michał Winiarski’s players would not have it easy. Moreover, the Jurassic Knights entered the rematch after an away defeat in PlusLiga against Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 2:3, so there was concern about Warta’s form in this match.

The Zawiercie team probably won this match

Fortunately, this did not happen and the Jurassic Knights entered the match very well. The players normally playing in PlusLiga quickly jumped to 11:9 and were able to maintain this advantage (19:15). In the end, this advantage disappeared and the hosts got one point – 23:22, but in the end it was Michał Winiarski’s players who prevailed in the first set.

In the second game, Warta Zawiercie quickly took the lead by five points and did not give up this advantage until the end (22:18). This set ended with the score 25:20. The third set ended with the same result. Thanks to this victory 3-0 (23:25, 20:25, 20:25), and in the aggregate 2-0, Michał Winiarski’s players secured promotion to the 1/16 finals of the CEV Cup. Hebar Pazardzhik players are waiting for them there.

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