Bartosz Kurek is painfully honest. He briefly summarized his season in the national team

Bartosz Kurek is painfully honest.  He briefly summarized his season in the national team

Polish volleyball players will play for gold at the European Championships. Nikola Grbic’s team defeated Slovenia 3-1 and will have a chance to win the full prize pool against Italy. Bartosz Kurek is unable to support his teammates on the pitch due to an injury. After his promotion, however, he delivered a sincere message of congratulations.

After defeating Belgium and Serbia 3:1, the Polish national team defeated Slovenia by the same score. The White and Reds’ rival, who had not been in EuroVolley for years, was behind the gold medalists of this year’s Nations League apart from the first set. As a reward for the victory, Grbić’s team will have the opportunity to fight for the gold medal in the history of the European Championships. The last time Poles enjoyed the championship of the Old Continent was in 2009.

Bartosz Kurek turned to his bandmates and fans

During this year’s continental championship, the team’s main attacker is Łukasz Kaczmarek. Although Nikola Grbic also called up Bartosz Kurek, the team captain was more often in the square for the substitutes. This was due to poor physical condition resulting from a previous injury.

Ultimately, before the semi-final, it was announced that Kurek would not play for the rest of the tournament. He has a renewed old injury that prevents him from playing. Therefore, the attacker could only watch the match against Slovenia from the side of the pitch, sitting in a tracksuit. After his victory, he allowed himself to be honest on social media. He congratulated his teammates, adding that he could not classify the current national team season as a happy one in terms of individual performance. Moreover, he asked the fans for strong support during Saturday’s match against Italy.

“Well, it’s not my happiest season, but… who cares, the most important thing is that it’s wonderful for this team. Congratulations gentlemen… step by step. Poland, keep your fingers crossed for us on Saturday… and also for our health,” wrote Kurek on Instagram.

Poland will play for the gold of the European Championship

Before the Italy-Poland match, there will be a fight for third place. The French, who lost to Italy 0-3, will face the Slovenians. The fight for gold will start at 9:00 p.m. in Rome.

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