This is what a geomagnetic storm looked like in Poland. The photos are breathtaking!

This is what a geomagnetic storm looked like in Poland.  The photos are breathtaking!

Last night, many Polish cities witnessed the aurora borealis caused by a geomagnetic storm. An amazing spectacle appeared in the sky!

On the night from Friday to Saturday, May 11, a unique spectacle appeared in the sky in many places around the world – the aurora borealis. Night landscapes shimmering with purple, green and navy blue could be observed in China, Great Britain, Denmark, Austria and the United States, but also in Poland. Such conditions – despite heavy cloud cover – have not occurred in our country for several years.

Geomagnetic storm in Poland. The photos are breathtaking!

Poland is located south of the natural aurora belt (Norway, Iceland, Greenland), so an extremely strong geomagnetic storm is needed for the aurora borealis to occur, which happens very rarely.

The aurora borealis, which could be admired in many Polish and world cities, is the result of a G4 class geomagnetic storm on a five-point scale. It was caused by solar flares. The central star of the Solar System has been extremely active in recent days, and strong flares have led to solar plasma being ejected into space reaching the Earth. As a result, the Earth's atmosphere is ionized, which is manifested by colorful flashes in the sky.

Aurora borealis in Poland. When and how to observe it?

According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, between May 10 and 12, five solar storms will be directed towards Earth, and auroras will be visible from sunset to dawn.

Karol Wójcicki, a popularizer of astronomy, emphasized that the aurora will also be visible in Poland for the next two nights. The expert emphasized that the best places for observation are shaded areas, with an open view of the northern sky, with cities left in the south.

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