Salary 100 thousand PLN net? Cosmic earnings surprised programmers

Salary 100 thousand  PLN net?  Cosmic earnings surprised programmers

Programmers have a lot to be happy about. According to specialists, we are increasingly likely to see a salary of PLN 60,000-70,000. zloty. And employers do not hesitate to cross magical barriers. The first ads with bids above PLN 100,000 appeared online. PLN net per month.

This could be a breakthrough on the job market in the technology industry. Earnings of programmers at the level of PLN 20,000 or PLN 30,000. zlotys are no longer among the highest. Several employers are introducing and offering new, much higher rates. According to specialists, we are increasingly likely to see a salary of PLN 60,000-70,000. zloty. And employers do not hesitate to cross the magical barriers. The first ads with rates over 100,000 appeared on the web. PLN net per month.

High salaries. The company offers twice as much as the competition

This news electrified the development community. It is widely commented both in many IT companies and in closed groups of this industry representatives on social media. This is a job offer that was published this week, and it differs significantly from other offers, where employers usually offer a salary of PLN 20,000 or PLN 30,000. zloty. This time you can get a much higher amount for quality control/software testing. One of the employers offers from 55 to 70 thousand. PLN net per month, depending on the contract. An employment or B2B contract is at stake.

The interest in the advertisement is huge, as the offer is available on several of the largest recruitment portals. The obligations imposed by the potential employer are not excessive. This includes conducting thorough application tests to identify and report errors, or developing and executing automated tests to improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing processes.

However, high earnings have one catch

The requirements for candidates do not differ from those set in other advertisements. Experience in programming with Java, knowledge of CI/CD practices, and analytical and problem-solving skills. This is not much for specialists in this industry. Many interested parties claim that they could easily advance to the next stage during the interview.

The last, but very important issue mentioned by programmers seems to be problematic. “As a quality specialist, you will work for the Polish Software House. You will become responsible for integrating analytics capabilities into the company. As a member of the QA team, you will play a key role in ensuring the reliability and performance of the client’s application. This position will enable you to travel regularly to the Middle East.” the employer stated in the announcement.

Not everyone wants to decide on frequent trips/trips to one of the Arab countries. – I would choose this offer, because the earnings are twice as high as in my company. However, there is one “but”…. I am over forty and I have an organized family life. I don’t want to destroy it – says Adam, a programmer with several years of experience. Another interested person adds: “It’s a dream job, but the frequent travel scares me a bit. This is a good offer for a bachelor”.

The programmers are surprised. “It’s a dream job”

As it turns out, this is not the only job advertisement in the tech industry with such a high salary. Employers are looking for specialists in both the IT and AI industries. There are several interesting offers online, where earnings reach 60-70 thousand. PLN net. Programmers and artificial intelligence experts do not hide their surprise. – It’s a dream job with adequate remuneration they say in unison.

Meanwhile, employers do not intend to stop there. There are already the first companies that have crossed the magical barrier, offering remuneration of PLN 100,000. zloty. But that’s not the end. Programmers or specialists in selected technological areas may earn even higher salaries.

Focal Systems is looking for a Senior Deep Learning Engineer. The employed candidate is offered a salary of PLN 74,000. PLN – 119 thousand PLN per month. The amount of earnings depends on the type of contract. Principal Deep Learning Engineer can count on an even higher salary. Here, earnings range from PLN 92,250 to PLN 180,811.

It must be admitted that the company has set the bar very high for potential employees in the AI/Python category. It is required, among others PhD in CS/EE or equivalent with excellent academic performance and over ten years of experience in Deep Learning in a corporate environment. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate significant experience in neural network training.

Experts closely monitor the offers. The new trend may change the labor market

Links with job offers worth several dozen thousand zlotys or the so-called “super” offer for over PLN 100,000 PLN circulates not only on social media. Programmers do not want to think too long and send their CVs to try for the higher salary they are looking for. Could new high-stakes players disrupt the market? – Internet users wonder.

Experts are divided on this issue. – For now, these are the first signals that do not necessarily mean a financial revolution. Perhaps the company wanted to stand out from the competition in this way. If new players appear, there may be changes in job offers – says one of the recruiters.

According to some labor market experts, there are many indications that this may be a new trend that will change recruitment on the labor market in the technology industry. – Only those companies that will offer very high salaries will remain in the game. If this happens, there may again be a very high turnover in this industry they say. – The first players on the market have already increased their salaries. This may be a signal to other companies. If you want to hire a specialist at your place, bid on the competition they add.

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