This is not an obvious cause of back pain. It is better not to ignore it, because it may be a sign of a serious disease

This is not an obvious cause of back pain.  It is better not to ignore it, because it may be a sign of a serious disease

Back pain is often blamed on incorrect habits, poor posture or fatigue. However, it sometimes happens that such an ailment is an alarm signal from the body. Check what it may mean.

Back pain can be very bothersome and negatively affect everyday functioning. It may have various sources, such as injuries, bad habits or various types of diseases. It is important to diagnose the cause of back pain in order to apply appropriate treatment. This condition should not be underestimated, as it may also indicate a serious illness. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor and make a quick diagnosis.

Back pain and kidney disease

Back pain in the lumbar region can have many different causes, but can also result from improper functioning of the kidneys. These include, among others, kidney stones or nephritis, but also cysts and even kidney cancer. The pain caused by renal colic is usually very severe on one side, sharp and sometimes spasmodic (alternating between stronger and milder). In turn, pain caused by changes in the kidneys (due to cysts or cancer) is usually constant and dull.

Back pain in the case of kidney disease is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as a change in urine color – urine may contain blood, cloudy urine or foamy urine. An additional symptom is a change in the frequency of urination – a sign may include, among others, a constant urge to urinate or urination in small portions. The patient also experiences discomfort when urinating, such as burning, stinging or pain. If the above symptoms also appear together with back pain, proper diagnosis is very important. During the visit, the doctor will take an interview and carefully examine the patient, and if necessary, he will order additional tests, such as blood and urine tests or kidney imaging tests.

What are other causes of pain in the lumbar region?

Spinal pain in the lumbar area is often a sign of degenerative spine disease, the severity of which depends, among other things, on age, genetic predisposition, sports, body build or work performed. Ailments in the lower spine may also result from pathologies of other organs. In the urinary system, it is, for example, cystitis or urinary tract inflammation. It may also be a sign of changes in the female reproductive system, such as chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs, tumors of the uterus and appendages, or endometriosis. It may also affect the prostate gland in men and result from inflammation or cancer. It also happens that back pain in the lumbar region is caused by liver and pancreas diseases. Find out what other causes of lumbar spine pain are there.

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