This is how the British daily reacted to Tusk's promise. The Prime Minister's mistake was pointed out

This is how the British daily reacted to Tusk's promise.  The Prime Minister's mistake was pointed out

The British media noted the promise made recently by Donald Tusk. Journalists pointed out an error in the calculations and it was not about wealth.

The announcement of the head of the Polish government was widely reported in the country. The foreign press also reacted to the promise of Poles' wealth. All because of the comparison used by the Prime Minister. Donald Tusk made a declaration in connection with the 20th anniversary of accession to the European Union. In this context, he mentioned the value of membership in the Community and the consequences of leaving it.

Although he did not refer directly to the decision made by the British government following the referendum, he referred to the earnings of the British people and the state of their economy. “While we are celebrating 20 years in the EU, a fierce debate is taking place in Great Britain caused by the World Bank's forecast that the income per capita will be higher in Poland than in the UK in 2025. And I promise this: on the 25th anniversary, Poles will be wealthier than the British. It's better to be in the EU! – wrote Donald Tusk.

The British daily points out Tusk's mistake. “Then is the Polish anniversary”

The British daily “The Independent” drew attention to this post and pointed out that “the Polish Prime Minister boasted that next year Poles will be richer than the British.” “The former President of the European Council referred to forecasts that indicate that Poland is on track to achieve a higher GDP per capita by 2025 than the United Kingdom,” we read.

“2029 will be the 25th anniversary of Poland's accession to the EU,” writes the newspaper, pointing out the mistake made by Donald Tusk, who wrote that this anniversary will pass next year. The daily further writes that Tusk referred to the World Bank's forecasts, which show that GDP per capita in 2021 amounted to almost PLN 45,000. dollars in Great Britain and 34.9 thousand dollars in Poland. “If UK GDP per capita continues to grow at an average of 0.5%. per year, as was the case in 2010-2021, and Poland will maintain an average growth of 3.6%, it will overtake Great Britain by 2030 – indicates “The Independent”.

Will the British be poorer than the inhabitants of Poland?

In this context, the newspaper recalls the statement of Sir Keir Starmer, chairman of the Labor Party, who assessed that Poland is on the way to overtaking Great Britain in terms of the size of the economy within a decade. He thus assessed that the actions of the Conservative Party would result in the British being poorer than the inhabitants of Poland, Hungary and Romania. The party's analysis suggested that Bulgaria and Romania could also overtake the UK if current trends continue until 2040.

“Romania with an average annual growth of 3.8 percent. and Hungary at 3%. They may also overtake Great Britain by 2040 if forecasts are accurate,” writes The Independent.

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