Messenger has introduced an option to delete messages. How to use it?

Messenger has introduced an option to delete messages.  How to use it?

Facebook has finally introduced the long-awaited change to its messenger that will allow you to undo a sent message. However, users who use this option must remember a few conditions.

Most users of instant messengers have probably sent a message under the influence of emotions. So far, there has been no turning back in such cases. Once a message was sent, it was saved in the Internet cloud and it was impossible to change a carelessly made decision. It will be different now, as Messenger users will find out. However, it is worth remembering that after sending the message, we only have 10 minutes to delete it. We advise users who want to use this option how to use it.

How to delete a message on Messenger?

After sending the message, hold it for a while until several options appear. In addition to “copy” and “upload”, there will be a “delete” variant.

After clicking on the last of the mentioned variants, a question will appear on the screen: “Who do you want to delete this message for?”. If we want the message to be invisible to both us and the recipient, we must select the first option. If for some reason we do not want to see the option only in our messenger, click “Delete for yourself”. Then the message will still be visible to the recipient.

After selecting the “Delete for all” option, an important message will appear. “You will permanently delete this message for all chat participants. They can see that you deleted the message and can still report it.” – we read in the announcement. This is important because it explains the message that will appear on the screen after clicking “delete”. Both we and the recipient will read the information “You deleted the message” or “User X deleted message”. After 10 minutes, we will be able to delete the message, but only from our messenger. It will still be available to the recipient.

Testing options

Let us remind you that there have been numerous appeals on the Internet to allow the withdrawal of sent messages. This step was taken by, among others, Google, which made it possible to withdraw unwanted emails. However, the user has very little time to make such a decision – only 5 to 30 seconds.

Finally, Facebook authorities also decided to make a similar gesture towards users. As CBS News reported a month ago, the American giant tested the option of deleting unwanted messages sent on Messenger on a small group of users. Recently, this function has been gradually introduced in other countries. On February 5, the company announced that the option can now be used by users around the world.

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