They shoot, but at what? It is not known what flies over the United States

They shoot, but at what?  It is not known what flies over the United States

Questions abound about objects shot down in US airspace since early February. The US Air Force Command consistently avoids calling them balloons, and it is possible that they had an extraterrestrial origin.

The command of the US Army is not sure what exactly was shot down in US and Canadian airspace. While there is no doubt about the Chinese balloon shot down on February 4, it is difficult to determine what the other unidentified flying objects were.

Objects of extraterrestrial origin?

General Glen VanHerck, who authorized the shooting down, referred to the growing questions about the downed objects. As he stated, at this stage he will avoid categorizing them as balloons, because the word “object” reflects the state of knowledge of the command on this subject much better. He added that these are small objects that are difficult to detect with radar. – I leave the matter of explaining what the downed objects were to our intelligence agencies – he stressed.

He also referred to the thesis that the objects in question come from outside the earth. “At this stage, I can’t rule anything out,” he said.

Politicians and journalists demand greater transparency in reporting on downings. “We need to know where these objects come from, what they are for, and why they have increased in frequency in our skies,” Debbie Dingel, Michigan’s Congressional Representative, said.

Americans optimizing radars?

According to information provided by the White House, the objects shot down over Canada, Alaska and Lake Huron did not resemble the spy balloon that was shot down on February 4. The announcements emphasized that information about them would be provided after the remains were found.

One of the dominant hypotheses is that similar objects are constantly present in American airspace, but due to the testing of new radar solutions, the frequency of their detection has increased. According to her, the current radar settings did not allow detecting such small objects.

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